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Bio: A MESSAGE TO ALL.......FROM ARTIST MARY SHIRO NJERERA .....GOD CAN PICK YOU FROM NOTHING .....TO MAKE YOU SOMETHING .....TO BECOME SOMEONE MARY'S LIFE IS A MIRACLE,SHE IS A MIRACLE LIVING. HER LIFE IS A ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOUNG AND OLD. I am a 36 year old artist, Country- Gospel singer, and dancer who lives in Kenya, Africa. My birthday is May 25th. I sing my songs in English and two different East African languages. I have completed my German language studies and have a pretty good handle on the language so I can add that language to my list of languages. I have recorded four studio albums in four languages. I have lived in Kenya all my life. Kenya, which is located in East Africa is mostly populated by people that have a colour that is dark skinned. That is the way it is since we need protection from the hot African sun. So I can save a few shillings by not needing any sun tan lotion or sun block. I guess I call myself dark skinned since I am not light skinned. Many of my friends who live in the US refer to black people as African Americans. But, I am an African who lives in Africa. Does that make me an African- African? I like to be politically correct if I can. None of the above is important. We are ALL HUMAN BEINGS. But, there is only one of the population who is a female that sings Country Gospel music. Her name is Mary Njerera. At least I do not know any other dark skinned females that sing country music in Kenya.

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Halte Mich


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Mary Njerera

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2013-11-07 at 16:41:04
Morning coffee and Mary's vocals, what a pleasant way to spend your morning
2013-10-31 at 05:13:01
Vocals,music & production all fantastic and the biggest smile on the internet
2013-10-15 at 02:04:42
This music makes me dance..this is as african as you can get..reminds me of my early days of short wave listening when I first fell if love with this music..Love the harmony and everything about it..God bless
2013-10-14 at 17:36:23
Thanks, Mary,really cool stuff!!
2013-10-14 at 17:34:22
Thanks, Mary,really cool stuff!!
2013-10-14 at 16:06:37
Thank you North Street Gospel- I have more songs coming over here. I will slowly upload them.
2013-10-14 at 11:41:30
Thanks Mary; For the fanship. Nice sound can't wait to hear more of your songs. NSG.
2013-10-14 at 11:39:30
Thanks Mary; For the fanship. Nice sound can't wait to hear more of your songs. NSG.
2013-10-12 at 19:44:25
Today is my first day on I uploaded one of my audio songs and two music videos. In a few days, I will add more of my songs and music videos so everyone can enjoy it.
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