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Cheryl Nye's Song Reviews

Song Name: With Goodbyes (vocals)
Date: 2010-07-30 02:09:18
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

Song Name: With Goodbyes (Instrumental)
Date: 2009-04-17 11:48:49

3.  Review: Beautiful and inspiring!!!
Song Name: With Goodbyes (Instrumental)
Date: 2009-04-16 10:47:53


Cheryl Nye's Information

Montreal West

Soft Pop/Soundtrack / New Country/Film

About Us:
Singer-Songwriter Soft Pop/New Country/Soundtrack New C.D. "Eyes of A Stranger" available now! Degree in Music (Voice & Piano) T.V./ radio shows/Live events/National Anthems. You can find my merchandise on this site (bottles, mouse pads, aprons,etc.) Thanks for visiting!!

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Thanks! :)

Hi, Thanks for listening to my songs! I appreciate it very much! :)



Stranger To
My Heart\"

Flowh Calendar


2009-10-17 at 08:26:22
wishing you love and light...and a fabulous weekend! jennifer
2009-10-09 at 08:40:51
Thx 4 your kind comments.Best wishes.
2009-10-06 at 08:37:31
Very nice stuff!
2009-09-08 at 01:09:44
100% love!!!
2009-07-31 at 13:19:46
Hi Cheryl, great to meet you. Wishing you all the best from the Powerage boys in Australia Cheers Ian
2009-06-30 at 00:24:11
Dang!! I can't get your songs to play!! Will try again later! Love your profile pic!! Nice!! :-)
2009-06-25 at 05:43:58
Ohh..Thanks Cheryl... You do great things for my page... ...keep in touch,let me know what you're doing.. Michael Allen
2009-06-24 at 10:04:45
Thank you Cheryl! Much respect from a German rock and classic dinosaur! ;) Rainer
2009-06-18 at 22:55:51
these are deeeep lyrics 2nd verse 'life is all about' iam alpha n omega said GOD some of us already know that they are the beginning n ending letters of the greek alphabet some of us already know that so to me GOD has to be the whole greek alphabet that abc 123 now take the letters in GOD G.O.D. adam even n go spell alphanumerically 7th english letter G 15th is O 4th is D 7+15+4=26 do you know what that mean GOD is the whole english alphabet too 26 of them that spooked the scooby doo out of me what about you
2009-06-11 at 13:46:02
Hello Cheryl all the best from Paris Frederic
2009-06-07 at 22:39:01
My Goodbyes is a really cool song! peace
2009-06-02 at 21:12:21
2009-05-28 at 09:46:28
Hi there, great music, check out myspace: itarknight2000
2009-05-23 at 22:39:39
2009-05-15 at 12:21:53
Thank you very much my friend Cheryl ,great honor for me, i hope all the best to you, take good care, Thanos. New album "Decline Days" OUT NOW
2009-05-08 at 17:23:22
Hi there! Love your stuff! I am an artist, please stop by my profile and check out the video of my artwork. Everything is for sale to benefit The Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research. Please let me know what you think! My artwork is set to the music of my dear friend James Marshall Black, check out his page, he is awesome! Peace, Kimmi
2009-05-06 at 10:16:54
Hello. I just wanted to say hi and make a new friend. Great profile and great songs.
2009-05-05 at 05:56:14
2009-05-03 at 21:34:46
Hello Thanks for you friendship Greetings from Switzerland. DJ Mäsch (Songwriter,Composer,Sing er & more)
2009-05-03 at 04:26:54
Thank you so very much for dropping by & your kind words i like your Tracks very nice. >>Sherif
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