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Phoenix, AZ


About Us:
Phthisis is a fusion of acoustic and electric guitars with dark lyrics. Advanced effects are used throughout to enhance the original sound into sheer dark, smooth, awesomeness.

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Reviews of The Devil's Hand

Listener Reviews for The Devil's Hand! Here they are guys, the latest reviews for the single The Devil's Hand: "I love the beginning. The effects later on in the intro are really cool and add mystery to the song. The breathy vocals and mysterious guitar playing gives a really interesting vibe to this song. Music is composed nicely. I like the guitar solo later on, it gives you time to think about the content of the song, unlike a lot of songs that don't give any spare time to take a break from singing." "I loved the start of this song! the guitar and rain sounds great, it gives it a dark feel." "The guitar on this song is mellow but with a smooth, slick and jazzy tone." "Interesting guitar riffs that lead into fascinating, rough vocals." "The melody is compelling and hypnotizing." "Sounds nice I wouldn't mind hearing more like this" "Sounds like the song I heard before, which is one of my favorites. Like I said, these types of songs bring back old and good memories. Stayed on beat, lovely voice, lovely chorus, lovely background drums. Amazing song, loving your voice. I love your band. You can make it, I know you can. You have a career ahead of you in this thing. Great job man, you and your band keep it up, great song, great band, great everything. I'm loving it, smooth, chilling song! Awesome!" "I love the sound of the rain and the acoustic guitar playing at the same time as it sounds like you are there at that present in time. I like the tune of the guitar, drums and the sound of this singers voice. This singer will make it into the market easily." "This a very inspiring and powerful song." Stop in and have a listen soon. More to follow from the album progress... - JP from Phthisis


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Thank you Ruthus! Keep on rockin! - JP from Phthisis
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Epic sound. Loving it! More!!!!! Blessings!!!
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