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San Antonio, TX


About Us:
Through the years Ruthus has been a home studio artist, until 2009 when she decided to publish music on the internet. Ruthus is a 40 year old Mexican self taught artist. She immigrated with her family to the United States at age ten. Ruthus started composing music at age twelve but it was not until 1989 when she started experimenting with home recordings because of her love of music. Ruthus composes various types of music from classical music to metal, new age, dance, techno, and world, among some. Her love for the piano and keyboard started at an early childhood and in her early teenage years she picked up the guitar and has not stopped ever since. She also plays drums and is currently a drummer for a local Christian metal band. Ruthus sings in some of her work but prefers to let the musical notes do the singing. The art work that appears on the album A Moon With a View was created by Ruthus. She is also an artist and writes poetry and novels as a hobbie, and love of art. Ruthus is married and has two children, she is a very private person. A Moon With a View was recorded in early 2007 but was released on July 20 2009 followed by 3 other albums. The latest, "A Universe in Music" was released in January 2012. Ruthus loves and enjoys creating music and hopes people will enjoy her creations.

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New album coming out soon!

Getting ready to launch my new album very soon...


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Heey Ruthus:) Thank you so much***** I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the feedback! and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time To say hallo alright:) Have a great week! Wishing you love,peace and happiness:) Friend Stig Michael. Oooh…you can also right 2 me on
2014-03-12 at 16:36:13
Great tracks,really cool stuff!
2014-03-12 at 14:15:28
Thank you for your comments it means a lot when another artist likes my music. I am loving your music great sound
2013-11-15 at 18:15:54
"The Fruit of Music" is so pleasant to my ears. I love it.
2013-08-07 at 17:17:27
Thanks for your comment.
2013-07-07 at 02:23:43
Thanks to all these amazing bands for your comments. It is such a pleasure coming from such outstanding artists. Much appreciated....
2013-06-28 at 13:11:02
2013-06-25 at 22:34:03
Hello Ruthus,, what a sound !! Have you thought of sending your music to any of the movie directors,, I can picture them being in the background of some famous movie... God Bless and good luck----NSG.
2013-06-22 at 10:49:35
Wow, thank you SO MUCH for the amazing compliment & words! Means a lot, & I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music. Am going to stream your music right this very moment. Do keep in touch. Cheers from India! - David Abraham / the Koniac Net
2013-05-26 at 01:58:17
Thank you for your kind words:-) It's good stuff here as well. All the best.
2013-05-09 at 03:52:31
Thanks for the comments. Great production work! Would make cool soundtracks in a movie.
2013-05-03 at 05:57:56
Nice music here.
2013-04-16 at 07:52:32
Thanks for the wonderful comment!

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