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Thrash Metal

About Us:
A resurrection of a new soul in metal genre of Assam. Farrago was founded in 2010, a band with line up of guitarists Alex and Paul, Vocalist Earl Farrago, Bassist Jordian Farrago and Drummer D.K.Critically acknowledged as a new wave of indian thrash metal band. Farrago's single 'Nymphomaniac' got debuted in TJ Music Cafe USA in 2011. We recorded Nymphomaniac three years back and never expected much from the slapdash production but in return we got much attention from the fans nationally and overseas. Our songs are based on social criticism and authentic portrayal of the prevailing condition of mankind. We are about to release our debut album 'REINCARNATION' worldwide in 2013. As a metal band Farrago is chiefly influenced by the 80's metal scene and keeping the base of old school Farrago is trying to get that particular new sound which can be defined as our own sound. Our songs are ladened with heavier riffs, chops, faster tempo which contributes to the way of describing us as a thrash metal band. With the innovations in our first record which will positively come out this July, we would like us to be called as a NEW WAVE OF INDIAN THRASH METAL BAND. Farrago is working on its improvisations n developments in musical interest with a dream to win peoples heart n reach the acme.FARRAGO means mixture of a blend of heterogenous or homogenous elements , living or non living. Like us on facebook at: 178278918883971

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