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Kingsport, TN

About Us:
The Doovie Brothers are a virtual cartoon band (somewhat like The Gorillaz or The Archies), named after their background vocalist, Doov Groove. :) REALITY, they are all done by one person, being me. I writes their music and lyrics, sing as each singer, play guitar as each guitarist, voice act as each of the members, and even draw their pictures. One day if these guys get famous, they'll get the fame their selves and that will put that huge burden and attention off of me. :P Anyway, they consist of 7 members... Phil Marshall: lead vocals (Phil is an aussie from Australia, so that explains his accent :P) Doov Groove: background vocals (Doov has the odd cartoony voice similar to Barney the Dinosaur or Spongebob. At the time of making this IMradio account, Doov is currently taking a break from the band) Toby Tyball: guitars (any kind), bass vocals, and any instrument in the violin family (Toby is the bearded old hippie of the band) Mack McDonald: acoustic and electric guitar (Mack is the young rocker, who is just now starting a family with his wife Michelle) Johnny Wright: bass guitar (the bald bass guy :P) Lil' Boe Barton: keys (his name says it all, as he all stands no taller than 3 feet. :P) Jack "Ringo" Blackster: Drums (he's pretty quiet, until you sit him in front of some drums with some sticks in his hands.) ;)

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