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1.  Review: Great song.
Song Name: Tell Me Quick
Date: 2013-02-22 13:52:10
Reviewer: Lawsuit Pending Records

Song Name: What the hell
Date: 2013-02-01 16:13:29
Reviewer: SweetKenny


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About Us:
Musician & Songwriter Wayne plays a variety of instruments from guitar, drums, piano, percussion, and a combo of wind instruments as well. In high school in band class he studied the saxophone and tuba but since may have forgotten some. Although he does play the harmonica pretty good at times. He was inspired from a ton of great people. Wayne recalls, "growing up I was eager to play, and l had been exposed to a great deal of musical styles such as Rock/R & B/Disco/Blues/Jazz/World/Rockabilly/Ac oustics/alternative/Reggae & others. The first instrument Wayne leaned to play was the accordion, but his dad changed the lessons from accordion to guitar. Lessons ended very soon as Wayne taught him self to play/including learning by playing in garage bands at first and then as an indie artist for a long time afterwards. In those days he used to record him self on tape and practice a lot/sometimes even rented a studio to help move things along. He later started playing, mainly bass guitar as an add on helper in bands/projects here/there. But guitar was always in the mix as well. He never found the right band fit where they may have been motivated like him. But did have some amazing perks along the way, but would like to leave that be for the time being focusing more on his natural talent given from above. And he is a humble person who will always be a student of music. You never know it all. People say Wayne is a great guitarist but he takes that with a grain of salt. He wants to be better. Wayne has played the drums too for a long time, so he is a Instrumentalist, (more than one instrument) & this includes vocals but,. his main instruments are guitar & bass & vocals/harmonica. He does play drums too. Of course he has gotten a lot better at piano over time too. But not yet where he would like to be. 3. Review: Love the great classic rock and roll sound. it reminds me of Blue Oyster C... Song Name: Sara I love you 2013 New Mix Date: 2013-01-27 20:31:48 Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

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IMBlasts gazine/2014/01/wayne-sanelli -this-is-the-hour/

There is an article in Muzic Notez Magazine about Wayne's music. Please listen check free tunes on noisetrade/waynesanelli anelli-this-is-the-hour/

This is the hour CD

Ive got a CD for sale on 17 songs. Over 70 minutes of great music. It's got lots of great tunes on it. Unconditional love, What the hell, Zero, You do all of this, Attitude Of Gratitude, Down the road, Sara - I love you.. lots more. $9.45 and about $5.00/so for a mp3/CD Only.




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2014-04-06 at 15:15:05
Review: Love the great classic rock and roll sound. it reminds me of Blue Oyster C... Song Name: Sara I love you 2013 New Mix Date: 2013-01-27 20:31:48 Reviewer: ProgRockDan1
2014-02-13 at 17:56:57
Lovin ya tracks! Pleasure to know you. Best wishes and success with ya music! x
2014-01-31 at 02:03:01
hello, Happy new year ,my name is miss Sonia Jones please contact me through my email address i have a very important issue to discuss with you best wishes Sonia soniacollyjones@hotmail.c om
2013-10-13 at 01:43:05
Ciao Wayne .. what's going on ???
2013-07-18 at 14:16:37
NUMBER 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Temple, TX. http://www.reverbnation.c om/garyrevel
2013-07-05 at 15:24:00
***** Thx for comment on our profile brother !!! We liked your songs too, sounds different. Water is Blue , Great Guitars ;)*****
2013-06-25 at 15:13:49
Peace and Love
2013-06-22 at 10:46:47
Greatly enjoying your awesome crerations... Love the feel of it. Totally awesome and interesting vocals and music. Love the guitar skills! Blessings!!!!
2013-06-09 at 23:38:18
Hi Wayne, there is something about the song "its been a long time" I quite like it well done. Tell me quick is fun.
2013-05-13 at 04:33:06
Thank you for your kind words and your friendship! A lot of joy and love!
2013-05-12 at 16:52:32
It's been a long time and Zero Zero are two pretty good tracks great intro on zero Zero. Keep up the god work. Gary
2013-05-12 at 14:52:14
What's up funky town, is a favourite. God bless
2013-05-12 at 02:53:55
Just stopped by to enjoy your awesome song, The News. Keep up the great work Wayne!!
2013-04-18 at 10:59:08
Hello Wayne,great Songs with nice Vocals. Musican greetings from Berlin, Rainer
2013-04-17 at 19:53:34
Thank you Wayne! Love your song unconditional love! Awesome! Great job!
2013-04-13 at 16:04:36
Wayne, that's bloody kind of you... thanks so much for taking the time out to listen to my music... really appreciate it! Checked out your music too: really like "What the Hell." Even though I predominantly write indie/alternative material, I love the blues too. Heard a little Jeff Healey in that song (that's what my ears picked up), so kudos to you!
2013-04-10 at 21:53:58
To all my friends of FB I invite to u watching my new video of my new single on YouTube Sono Qui Ancora!!! Thxs 4 ur support!! Watch it and Share!!! tch?v=1udqyuVFclU
2013-02-25 at 00:53:07
Digging your song Tell Me (Quick)...just wrote a review. peace
2013-02-13 at 19:05:00
Greetings from Ukraine. Thank you for your positive feedback. Digging your tracks right now. Very good! We enjoy it. Good luck!!!
2013-02-13 at 17:16:11 Hello, My name is Miss tina lutunku. i saw your profile today and become interesting to know more about you. please i will like you respond to me at my private e-mail address ( so that i will tell you more about my self and also give you my picture. and tell you the reason of contacting you. distance and color dose not matter what matters most is love. thanks for your understanding. i am waiting for your responds. yours tina.
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