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Brooklyn, NY


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Born Denzel Washington on January 22, 1987 in Brooklyn, NY the youngest of three he was destined to stand out, and so he did, being that I was named after an actor and all, but Denzel wasn't an actor. Since 7 years old music has been #1 gift along with many other talents. Singing and dancing was what he did to ease his pain, express him self or just to have fun. He always managed to push through whatever may have come his way with music and art. Starting from imitations of the late Michael Jackson, to mixing and making his own moves and styles. Which led to performing and auditioning for kids commercials. Denzel seen and heard things as he grew, wild rides and a teenage life in the fast lane led to wild experiences and so in 2001 singing was no longer within him, he felt that another image was right for him. He decided to team up with his long time friend Bucky Dent to start writing rhymes and adapt a flow of artists like Beanie Sigel, Jay Z and countless others. They tag teamed in and out of songs making a name for themselves locally. Months later they started Nemesis, a group that consisted of two other members (Inz Money, T-go) one of which he wrote for and worked with to help promote more of their own talents. What he had been rapping about slowly carried into his real life, things that didn't have to be apart of his life but he chose to walk that path. The harsh realities of not only the real world but the music world settled in and his passion for his music slowly began to fade. His decisions weren't about performing and or graduating high school, at 16 worries of making money to keep a roof over his and his families head dealt a bigger hand, dancing became a party hobby and music was no longer a concern. He was at a stand still within the next year, he ran into big trouble which took 5 years from his life. During this horrible process he gained and lost alot. One thing to which he had gained was the knowledge of Islam. He learned how to read, write, and speak Arabic. He practiced humbleness, diplomacy, and in the same instance he lost the woman that only comes once in a lifetime, his mother. It was a very hard pill to swallow, but he was so steadfast and adamant about getting his life on track!! The one thing that stayed within him was his music. This was something that he did to help himself numb the pain of his life, lifestyle, his path and losing his mother. Music helped him see his time through and so he wrote countless hip hop and r&b songs. In 2008 he was released mentally and physically and went back to where it all started, St Marks Avenue in Brooklyn. He knew going backwards was not an option and so he immediately got on his feet and started working. He still was writing lyrics to ease his mind and release his tension while entertaining the thought of making a comeback to record his music. Always in the back of his mind he could hear everyone who have always believed in his gift and he again fixated an image that he had always seen for himself. Mixing his humble attitude with real life situations and day to day struggles he found himself back as a recording artist and bringing a sound to WaterBearer ent. His Music is his way to express himself as a person uniquely designed by himself Denzel Washington.

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