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1.  Review: Nice stuff.
Song Name: What R U W8ing 4
Date: 2013-02-22 12:51:33
Reviewer: Lawsuit Pending Records


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Boyss (aka Bojanboyss Boys2School or Boyss2School) Working on music is the only thing that turns my thoughts of all worries. It all started maybe 5-6 if not 7 years ago. Thatīs when "Boyss" was born. Before that I played guitar a long time ago and then I composed several tracks. In the few tracks I have played guitar over music already done on the computer. I have worked tracks in various genres of music and more often remixes lately. I tried and still I try to conjure trough music some of my emotions or internal state. Boyss was my nick name from high school and since then nobody call me like that, thatīs why I use it. I know itīs a plural but I am one and I am straight by the way :) Website Link: Myspace Link: Facebook Link: Reverbnation Link: SC: YT: l

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2013-04-12 at 04:19:51
I'm already a big fan, glad I found you here too! I just love your epic creations!!!! Blessings...
2012-11-02 at 06:16:57
Hear me!! Wash ME electro tcehn0...
2012-11-02 at 05:58:38
Deserted Island...Yeah!!

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