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Art-rock progressive

About Us:
At the center of the artistic world there is energy, intended as a universal metaphor of life and creative vitality; as an instrument of social evolution and well-being; such as light, warmth, comfort, motion and strength of change; such as the illumination of the mind and the spirit; such as the inalienable right to knowledge. It is in the proposal and practice of alternatives, in spreading knowledge and solutions, in a constant application of sharing and common enrichment, from which one draws forth and restores Energy. Inspired by the Silmarillion by J.R.R.Tolkien, the story narrates love, inexhaustible source of energy, between two beings who are aliens to each other, dispersed particles of two opposite universes that intertwine their own courses, irremediably attracted to each other, they blend together in an instant, annulling every prejudice, every law, every convention. Born into a new life, they see around them an agonizing world and with the same passion that enfolds them they act to change their destiny. In their hands lie a revolutionary discovery to deliver to all mankind. It is the genesis of an unstopping metamorphosis, that begins with man and is transmitted to others as if by osmosis, thus involving the entire planet. A Revolution of the Spirit before that of matter, an epidemic of love. Love for mankind, for the capacity to imagine and to risk, for the constant search of better possible worlds, to share knowledge and solutions. In this way one is again able to understand the difference between that which is evolution and general well-being, and that which is only well-being for a chosen few. If everything is as it was, nothing can be what it was. This is how true change can take place. Spiritual Revolution People!

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Sailor Free Crowdfunding for “Spiritual Revolution Part 2”

Sailor Free have started a Crowdfunding campaign to complete the new album, “Spiritual Revolution Part 2”, on Indiegogo The work has started and we have done two singles, the new “SPECIAL LAWS” (streaming on and “Amazing” (video on We need your help to complete this concept, this story, this new album, this SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION Part 2. Thank you so much for contributing. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you for sharing with us the passion for music and ideas. Thank you for being part of the Spiritual Revolution. CLICK HERE to support Sailor Free new album Spiritual Revolution Part 2





Sailor Free
- Daeron

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