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Rock progressive

About Us:
Sailor Free sail in free waters since 1991. Their music has been described as art-rock, progressive, psychedelic hard rock, alternative and much more. With two albums ("Sailor Free" 1992 - Tide Records, Italy and "The Fifth Door" 1994 - The Laser’s Edge, USA)and a number of tours in Italy and Europe, always winning great attention from public and critics, Sailor Free have been quoted of music personality and a great live set. In 2010 Sailor Free rejoined, in a completely mutated world, to work on a concept-album about a possible profound cultural revolution they love to imagine. “We have been inspired by J.R.R.Tolkien's “The Silmarillion”, the story of Beren & Luthien in particular, that had been the subject of some writings through the years for some of us. A story of love, share and an impossible quest looked good in such a dystopian present time. Then we started writing our story, placed in an early future, in a world divided in Casts, where our heroes and the Spiritual Revolution Messengers fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world.” In 2012 Sailor Free published Spiritual Revolution part 1 (TIDE Records), the first part of the concept-album, as the written material both in terms of story and songs was too much for a CD. In 2015 Sailor Free released two singles: “Amazing” and “Special laws”, extracts from the forthcoming album Spiritual Revolution part 2. The new album features new musicians together with historical members of the band. The sound confirms the route of fully creative freedom, that has always been one of the main distinctive feature of Sailor Free's project. “The story of the Spiritual Revolution Messengers and their fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world leads to its conclusion. Than everything change, and suddenly you realize you are playing the lead role, you are the hero and the hero is you, as it is Entropia. A kind of displacement. Now you know that you are the player and the listener, and the player is the play and is you. Now you are Entropia and Entropia is you, and you can change everything...”

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Sailor Free Crowdfunding for “Spiritual Revolution Part 2”

Sailor Free have started a Crowdfunding campaign to complete the new album, “Spiritual Revolution Part 2”, on Indiegogo The work has started and we have done two singles, the new “SPECIAL LAWS” (streaming on and “Amazing” (video on We need your help to complete this concept, this story, this new album, this SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION Part 2. Thank you so much for contributing. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you for sharing with us the passion for music and ideas. Thank you for being part of the Spiritual Revolution. CLICK HERE to support Sailor Free new album Spiritual Revolution Part 2





Sailor Free
- Daeron

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