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High Yellow Fever's Song Reviews

1.  Review: WOW!!! The hits just keep comin'!
Song Name: Stalkin'
Date: 2009-10-23

2.  Review: Truly diggin' this track.
Song Name: RednekSoul
Date: 2009-10-21

3.  Review: WOW! A song about nothin'? I love it!
Song Name: RidikulouSong
Date: 2009-10-20


High Yellow Fever's Information

Oak Ridge, TN

Funk, Blues, Jazz, Groove

About Us:
Just an all around fun loving 3-piece band. Sure to leave a lasting impression and hooks you just can't get out of your head.

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New Flavor of Smoky Funk Rising From the Hills of Tennessee

In an industry filling itself with such a lack of originality, producers and engineers are having to work increasingly harder at keeping their represented bands cutting edge. More gimmick applied when there is less talent available or more studio trickery to maintain a listening ear. Sadness ... Multiple Sadness. Out of a small, unknown, secret city in Tennessee comes a band that is simply unbelievable. Instantly you find yourself involved physically with their musical phrasing, every lick is a hook etching itself in your mind before you can even start to adjust to the groove that begins to surround and overcome you as the dynamic nuances of the vocal line force an anticipation for every word and by the time the song ends, you are left with a longing for more. You will find it difficult to remove choruses from your mind only to realize that the next song that is playing is doing the same thing to your senses. This band is brand new and turning heads by bending all ears as they are quickly building a devoted fan base that effectively commands attention and is sure to be rising up from the hills of Tennessee to fill all major cities with their new flavor of smoky funk. This band is High Yellow Fever. And now you know. So get ready to live. Join Our Fan Club Join Our Street Team Be Our Friend


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2009-10-20 at 16:59:21
..just walking up to you...will stay for a while!!!!!!!!
2009-10-14 at 22:37:30
Nice web site. I can't wait to hear HigH YeLLoW FeVeR on the radio. Keep me informed.
2009-10-14 at 09:32:58
"From I had a dream to keep hope alive, to yes we can these days we'll survive, we will thrive, he won't leave the people behind - From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a Bush Abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new reggae/rock/folk song "ObamaNation” [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]. If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-09-02 at 04:59:25
Future Now thanks you for your great music; and for being a part of the ever growing creative community of independent musicians who are taking the opportunity, made possible by IMRadio, to reach 52 countries throughout the world.
2009-04-13 at 15:04:59
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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