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1.  Review: wow, what an awesome song! Great work Michael. peace
Song Name: All For You
Date: 2012-11-25 06:50:03
Reviewer: freeDave


Michael Egleton's Information

Akron, OH


Soul, Jazz,Blues

About Us:
Fresh .....", " New sound cut from an old cloth ....", " Inovative and full of life experiences ....." are just a few of the words which describes Michael Egleton. Michael has taken everything he has lived and learned and poured it into his music. He has a simple yet mature sound to his craft. Nothing complicated, just a to the point in your ear type of sound thats refreshing in today's music. It seems to touch life in a different way.He has an extensive background in Gospel music playing for many area singers, writing Gospel songs, and playing for churches in the area where he lives. Over the years he has been honing and developing his talent to expand into Jazz, R&B, and Soul categories. Some of his idols include, the great Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, George Duke, Michael Henderson, George Haynes of St.Louise, Barry White and many more has had a great influence on his sound and his approach to music. He sings and plays to life situations which is what gives his music it's soul and sounds of realness.

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The Sweet Auburn Festival

Hello to my fans, new fans, friends and well wishers! I'm happy to report that I have been invited back to perform at the Sweet Auburn Festival Fall Edition and the Sweet Auburn 30th Anniversary Spring Edition ! I'm so grateful to my fans there in Atlanta, GA and the organizers of this great event. It's one of the oldest and largest festivals in Georgia! This past festival they estimated 330,000 people came through the gates over the weekend! Thank you to the great people of Atlanta for having me and my music. I also have a big performance update for November coming soon! You can catch my interview with Mr. Rodney Harris and The Akron Today Show at this link, Ok that's all for now! Stay tuned for more big announcements in the near future! Much Luv Michael Egleton

Sweet Aburn Festival in ATL

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it! I will be performing at the Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta, GA Mothers Day weekend! Hope to see ya all there! Also check me out at MICHAELEGLETON.COM !


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2013-08-14 at 21:28:12
Hello to all my new fans, fans, friends and well wishers! I'm so excited to get back and report great things happening for me. It's all because of you the fans... I luv you all and do appreciate your luv, input and support you give daily. I'm here " All For You"! Well here are a few updates, I'll be opening for the famous, Ohio Players here in Akron, Ohio September 14th at the 385 Club, 8pm. This is one of the biggest nights in my career! On this day there will be so much happening until it's mind Blowing! I'll be posting live pics as they happen from the concert and a video of some of the concert will be posted to You Tube. So you'll see some of the action as it's happening in real time! I plan to let it all hang out that night. I'll be finally flying out to Mustang, Oklahoma and get the video to the title song of my CD, That's Alright. It will be released from my label in late September. I'll be starting my new project soon from my new music home, Atlanta, GA. There are more concerts in the pipe also. There's a planned up coming photo shoot from the ATL also. These are some of things going on with me at this moment in time. Stay tuned for more to come. Remember to also catch me at http://reverbnation.coom/ michaelegleton for unreleased music you might enjoy also WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM! One of the songs will be going on my new project. Can't tell ya which one though! lol Ok gotta scram! Talk soon! M. E.
2013-02-25 at 11:20:12
Hello my IM friends and fans! Well I'm very excited to announce that my new Cd " Thats Alright" has been released by my record label, Tate Music Group and is doing well! The official release paerty will be here in Akron, Ohio at the elegant Edgars's restraunt. I will be performing a few songs from the CD signing autographs and taking plenty pics! It's going to be a night to remember and it's my hope that as many of you, the fans can join me. God Bless and hope to see you there!
2012-11-25 at 12:51:08
Hi Michael, "All For You" is an awesome song. Nice job!
2012-11-19 at 01:09:07
Thank you for your ongoing support IM Radio! I greatly appreciate it. You the fans, you make it happen over and over for me, thank you!
2012-11-18 at 11:56:35
Hi Michael, we look forward to you uploading your outstanding song, "All For You", so we can get it into our radio rotation. Have a super Sunday! peace, Paddy Noonan
2012-10-14 at 16:52:00
U`re welcome:) Have a great weekend. Stig Michael.
2012-10-04 at 00:59:17
Hello everyone! I'd like to say thank you always for your support here at IM Radio and also that the new cd will be out very, very soon so stay tuned! The concert was simply Magical! We raised the roof on the house!!!! As always " Pass it On"!
2012-09-10 at 12:05:24
Hello IM Radio fans ! Yet excited about being a part of the IM Radio family! Getting ready for big concert event here in Akron, Ohio at the Musica on the 27th of this month! If your in the area, stop by!
2012-08-14 at 17:43:55
Hello IM Radio listeners and fans! I am so grateful to be apart of IM Radio. It's new and exciting for me. I hope you enjoy the sounds. Look for my new cd, Thats Alright" which will be releasing in late September! Tell a friend! A special shoutout To Ms. Noonan, Thanks!
2012-08-14 at 17:01:36
Hi Michael, thanks for your connection on LinkedIn. We look forward to you uploading a profile photo and some of your original songs, so we can get them into our IMRadio's radio rotation. Have a terrific Tuesday! peace, Paddy

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