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Denton, TX


About Us:
Will Tommy Jones consists of three members who have played together on & off for the past 20+ years. As a youth, Gary Joe Mitchell studied classical piano. He would frequent the C&W dance scene on weekends in the small Texas town he grew up in, citing influences such as Mozart, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Williams, Sr., David Bowie, & Lou Reed. Front-man Gary Joe brings a diverse mixture of honky-tonk & classical influences to the table. Upon graduating high school, he enrolled at UNT to study music where he met Billy's roommate at the time, Mark Hartman Anderson. Mark, a drummer since the age of 8, citing influences such as Frank Zappa & Little Feat uses over 20 different percussion instruments, some homemade, in creating the unique style of music that is signature to Will Tommy Jones. Lead guitarist Billy Gardner comes from a musical background as well. Both of his parents were music professors at UNT. He has played in numerous rock & blues bands since childhood. His utilization of the synth in his guitar sounds makes his nuances unlimited. This trinity of troubadours combines talents to create the unique sound that is "hick rock".

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TMG Recording Artists WILL TOMMY JONES National Album Release Date has been set for August 13th 2013 by TATE MUSIC GROUP


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