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Los Angeles, CA


About Us:
7Horse began as a hypothetical: What if, longtime band mates Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt thought, we bury our musical past and see if we can discover rock ’n’ roll’s Ground Zero? That question having been explored in bold fashion on their 2011 debut “Let the 7Horse Run,” the blues duo returns with an even deeper sense of purpose on the follow-up, “Songs for a Voodoo Wedding” (due June 10). The larger question: What if the mission were not to locate rock ’n’ roll’s chewy center, but to find and channel their own personal identities? “I’m a grown man with wants and needs and temptations and faults, and I’m not gonna be afraid to write about any of it,” says Leavitt, the singer/drummer whose sometimes-bawdy, always-honest narratives are filtered through an array of vintage microphones. “Everybody now wants to tell you how sensitive they are. Enough of that. Where’s the attitude? Where’s the swagger? If we can be a two-man Rolling Stones, I say we go for it.” Adds Calio, who spent much of his career as a bassist before refining the finger-picking and slide skills asked of a blues guitarist: “I feel like on a base level this is what I’m all about as a human being. I feel like we’ve found a renewable source of energy.” It’s all the more remarkable considering 7Horse started as a trial balloon, with Calio and Leavitt exchanging riffs, lyrics and song sketches via iPhone from their homes in Seattle and Los Angeles, respectively. Those ideas in hand, the pair blew through studio sessions that saw them arrange, refine and record one song per day. The results coursed with rawness and immediacy, and it’s a process they replicated in making “Songs for a Voodoo Wedding.” Part of what informed the sophomore album, however, was the “quality” time Calio and Leavitt spent together in the interim. Though accustomed to touring in the relative luxury of a bus for much of their careers, the pair piled into a van to tour the U.S. behind their first record. On the vehicle’s stereo for most of the slog: The masters, such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Merle Haggard, along with early blues legends such as Little Walter. “The more country we listened to, the more it percolated in me,” Calio says. “On the first record we were just creating the essence of the band right there in the studio and we had no well to go to. Now we have a really good idea of what we want to tap into.” It was during the time between albums that 7Horse received the phone call that would change their lives — at least, the life of their new project. It was from a representative of director Martin Scorsese, saying that the single “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker” was being considered for use in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” “Every night we were out playing like it was our last show, lugging our gear, putting our nose to the grindstone,” Calio says. “The movie was not a sure thing, but we weren’t going to sit around waiting for the phone to ring. We kept looking forward.” find out more at

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Behind the scenes: MLZS

Check out this video about the song "Meth Lab Zoso Sticker" and the story behind the song's use in the movie "The Wolf Of Wall Street"

Video posted

Check out the video for Low Fuel Drug Run....

7Horse on the streets of Boston!

7Horse on the streets of Boston....

dada 20th Tour VIP package now on sale!

Pull back the curtain and step inside... dada VIP package now available! Check out the link below to get details on purchasing the dada VIP package for the upcoming 20th anniversary tour. It contains all sorts of goodies and direct access to the band. Also, we posted up a vintage video of dada performing "Dizz Knee Land" live at tower records in 1993! Not only can you see it on the page, you can also download a free mp3 or wav file of the track on the video. So go watch the video, download the mp3 and pick up a vip package to go with your show tickets!

another review...

Another review for the new album: -releases-songs-voodoo-wedding


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2014-02-05 at 16:25:22
Thanks for being a fan! Really like your music and your exciting style!
2014-01-28 at 13:38:56
Hey guys, thank you for fanning me and thank you for sharing your passion! Best wishes for an amazing 2014.
2014-01-23 at 18:51:22
Thanks for becoming a fan. I enjoyed your music very much.
2014-01-23 at 01:55:04
Liking your playlist ♫m/♫
2014-01-15 at 03:01:20
Thanks for becoming a fan...I totally love "My Dirty Lover" and "Famous Faces"...Keep up the great work and hope to meet you guys when we're accepting our music awards :)
2013-12-27 at 16:17:06
We like this one, too: http://www.freeworldsound .com/2013/12/26/7horse-me th-lab-zoso-sticker-featu red-wolf-wallstreet/
2013-12-26 at 22:43:04
Check out this interview about 'Meth Lab Zoso Sticker' in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'! m/mixed-media/2013/12/wol f-wall-street-scorsese-7h orse-meth-lab-zoso-sticke r-phil-leavitt
2013-11-15 at 02:41:55
Thank you for the friendship. You are very good musicians! Congratulations for your success! Hope we can see the movie soon here in VE.
2013-11-14 at 01:40:07
7Horse hits the trifecta on "Wolf of Wall Street". Not only is "Meth Lab" in the trailer (which we know you've seen by now) but we can also announce that the song will be featured in the film itself (opening December 25 at a theater near you) and will be included on the sound track album on Virgin Records (alongside tracks from Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley, and Devo among others). We thank Mr. Scorsese for the opportunity to be a part of all this. It's gonna be a good Christmas.
2013-10-31 at 00:24:36
Scorsese called, he wants "Meth Lab" for his new flick "Wolf of Wall Street". No problem Marty. We're happy to help. ic
2013-10-08 at 01:45:25
Want to be in a 7Horse video?! notes/7horse/want-to-be-i n-a-7horse-video/44075840 6028258
2013-10-01 at 23:23:52
Thanks for becoming my fan! If you are interested, all of my music is available for free download on the fan page of my website - All the best, - Ashe
2013-10-01 at 20:30:34
Thanks for becoming a fan!! All the best to you guys!!!
2013-08-21 at 01:46:22
Thanks for the friendship!!! All the Best to you and may God Bless!!! :) Rene
2013-08-08 at 16:13:04
Hello 7Horse, Great sound & energy here! Have a lot of success & inspired times. Greetings from Italy, Luciano
2013-07-30 at 23:35:11
Thanks 7Horse's. I sub you 2. I love that you are so talented. Keep it up!.
2013-07-17 at 00:37:08
Great Springsteen-ish tunes
2013-06-25 at 21:53:24
Check out the new video of 7Horse in the recording studio! ks
2013-06-21 at 22:34:47
Phil from 7Horse on the road talking about heading to the studio to record new music! atch?v=vR1frdvAA4M&featur
2013-06-18 at 14:35:15
Awesome . great sounds. thanks for looking into my tuneage!!! ROCK ON !
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