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Colorado Springs, CO


About Us:
hey y'all whats up? my name is princess cynthia and i am the proud mother of all the songs on here; yes, the mother, because they are all my children. the pains of labor have been immense you see, but i have finally managed to put out this ep. these next few weeks, we're gonna be promoting these singles like mad okay? ya see i've been doing this since i was five, performing on my living room coffee table, and when i came out to colorado springs, I had a few lyrics together, but i was never sure what to do with them. that's when i happened to meet someone from this really awesome band called, "soapstone tpcastt." i promised him not to tell you who he is, but he had me over for dinner with his band, and they were crazy nice people. we made music together (i was in the song, "declaration", towards the end) and something really clicked for me. i consider that a milestone in my career. other than that, i've always really dug on artists like portishead, britney spears, final fantasy, and lady gaga, so i put a lot of their influence in, but really, its' just from the heart. i mean, otherwise, its' not music, its just noise! i have the best backing band in the world i have to say. but for the kind of music i make, we don't really say our names. soapstone tpcastt started that tradition, and i intend to keep with it. the name cynthia is kind of symbolic. and the carpetbombers go by that name cause they lay down some of the heaviest, most explosive beats i have heard! my producer/manager jw is great too, awesome person, seriously. he goes through so much effort to make it sound exactly like i want it to. so without saying too much, here it is and, of course, "open to interpretation"

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2012-02-18 at 22:04:34
cute. :)
2012-02-11 at 05:39:27
cynthia cynthia cynthia oh my word you finally are up i am so happy for you your songs sound great best thing is you have your own style but i can hear where our jam worked its way in haha you are great girl real great and i hope you have a good career cant wait to here the rest of the ep and tell the carpet bombers i said hey alright THE DIRECTOR
2012-02-10 at 13:03:42
Greetings from the Western Slope, gang. Be watching for the next show in the Springs, eh? Cheers.

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