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Song Name: Prelude in a-minor
Date: 2013-06-01 06:47:22


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Classical music and Musicals

About Us:
K-E Dahlin, a composer with a big heart for Musicals and classical music. Composer of NARGIS THE MUSICAL and Springtime.

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Hi there! The single "Springtime" is a piece of music expressing the beauty and fragility of spring. You can buy it on!






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2012-03-22 at 13:07:23
Thanks! Good luck to you too!
2012-03-22 at 07:34:34
Hey! Greetings from Ukraine. We really enjoyed your music. You are a true talent. Good luck.
2012-02-27 at 17:53:37
Thanks...greetings from Tokyo....:-)
2012-01-03 at 07:25:19
Thanks ILya for stopping by and review my song Finland! I feel honoured! My best to you! K-E
2011-12-27 at 18:51:53
hello K-E Dahlin Thanks for stopping in. I hope you had a merry christmas. seems like you're quite accomplished . Have a great day and nice meeting you Dave
2011-12-26 at 20:45:02
Thanks ILya! Best luck to you too! When you play my music you will find rate&review on the pop up player. Click on rate&review and you will find it!
2011-12-25 at 14:38:14
Thanks Didorion! The same to you! Regards K-E
2011-12-22 at 08:29:58
Thanks Terri and Silvie! I'm feel honoured to be your friend here! Merry Christmas, K-E Dahlin
2011-12-22 at 03:01:28
Hi K-E, your musical of "Days of Love is simply beautiful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing -Terri G
2011-12-21 at 23:14:31
EXQUISITE music.... thank you for your friendship & the nice comment on my photos!!!
2011-12-21 at 15:19:00
Thanks Barbara! Same to you! K-E
2011-12-20 at 15:21:33
Thanks Paddy! Same to you! K-E
2011-12-20 at 15:06:15
Hi K-E, thanks for your note on Facebook. I am enjoying both your outstanding songs here on IMRadio! We look forward to you uploading a profile photo . Have a terrific Tuesday! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician

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