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Ray Dennis = No Creek Music's Song Reviews

Song Name: Honeysuckle of the Hills
Date: 2012-07-31 19:34:41
Reviewer: Ray Dennis = No Creek Music

Song Name: Brand new ME
Date: 2012-07-31 19:32:43
Reviewer: Ray Dennis = No Creek Music

Song Name: They will NEVER understand
Date: 2012-07-31 19:30:37
Reviewer: Ray Dennis = No Creek Music


Ray Dennis = No Creek Music's Information

Tomball, TX

bluegrass/christian country

About Us:
Retired singer/songwriter/entertainer - just thought it was time for somebody to MAYBE hear what I can do!

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No Creek WAS real!

The cyclone of 1890 tells it all: 2 funnel clouds combined right above great grandpa's farm, they ALL woke up in the garden when the house was blown away, 2 people were sucked up by the air - never to be seen again, & the covered bridge was blown away, too! Where was it? Ohio County, Kentucky - about 6-7 miles from Rosine, KY - home of bluegrass! In Jan. 2010. I was honored by being the 3rd performer in the 1st show of 2010! I hope you enjoy what you hear! Ray "Uncle Dennis" Withrow/President of No Creek Music (ASCAP)

50+ years

Yes, it IS true! I've played guitar for 50 years, & 2012 marked my 50th year anniversary. Now, during those 50 years, I can play 10 different instruments - still got my toes, so, I'll count them. too! LOL Thanks for ALL of the fans who have enjoyed my music so far, &, if you're new, I hope that you will enjoy the songs as much as I do letting the whole world here them!!


Flowh Calendar


2015-08-28 at 15:51:11
Why are there no songs anymore? I have been w/ IMRadio since the beginning (6 years total) by a personal invitation by Paddy. I have patiently waited for someone to contact me to further my musical career, or to even buy a CD. NONE of this has happened, & for those who still believe that it will, I got news for ya - it ain't gonna happen!!!
2011-09-07 at 17:14:49
thank you for the friendship and sharing your music. Anton from: Suicide Bunnies
2011-09-02 at 15:46:29
So nice to have you back on the net! I really like your new recording of, A Brand New Me! Keep up the great song writing. God bless friend Dee Dee
2011-01-04 at 23:08:50
Hey Dennis! You are awesome! And you are right! Thank you for your constructive criticism and your kind words and warm thoughts. Happy Twenty Eleven... :-D charly
2011-01-04 at 03:31:04
Love listening to the message in your songs.
2010-07-02 at 23:45:39
i like very much your music
2010-05-20 at 03:35:51
Thank you are great keep in touch check out me on my page www.Homewreckers1. org
2010-05-12 at 05:08:41
Hi Uncle Dennis, Thanks for taking the time to write a review of one of my songs. I really appreciate the feedback. I would be honored if you listened to some of my other songs when you get the chance. Love you music, lyrics and guitar playing....Awesome! Thanks again, Jeannie
2010-05-08 at 09:40:30
Nice tunes!
2010-04-26 at 15:54:51
Be you the The Uncle Dennis who commented on my song "Patrick?" I cannot ty enough for such a heart felt comment if so.Your music & playing is spectacular. Liz thinks "Patrick" is to short too.So, I guess I make it a bit longer. It is a mandolin.A fender.80's model. TY kindly. Richie
2010-03-31 at 03:43:28
just came by to take a listen to 'Uncle Dennis' and say hello from Oklahoma..Stan
2010-03-19 at 07:45:03
Thank you soo much! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the wonderful feedback! So glad you liked it! Thanks again and best of luck to you! Ashleigh
2010-03-12 at 05:25:01
Hey!! Thanks so much for checking out my original songs!! I'm glad you enjoyed them!! :) Good luck with your music too!! God bless!! :) -Halle
2009-12-28 at 02:01:40
"Grandpa's Tabacka Crop." Another Great Cool Song by a Great Artist. Wishing you Health, Peace and Happiness in the New Year! Paul.
2009-11-25 at 01:08:26
Hi Ray, It is a real pleasure to be your friend, Thanks for the wonderful comment you wrote on my page, I just checked it today. I'm running short on time here at work but I will come back tonight and listen to your music. God Bless, Charlie
2009-11-13 at 19:01:29
Beautiful feel in the music! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-11-13 at 17:45:39
Hey, just stopped by to listen and liked what I heard. Great stuff! Calley
2009-11-02 at 04:04:51
Hey Ray. Stoppin by to say a big HELLOOOOOOOO'' Bobby Dee.
2009-11-01 at 22:08:54
2009-11-01 at 12:10:32
Hello friend, Love Grandps's Crop. Great story. Please keep the music coming. Diana
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