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1.  Review: Great vibe, loved the vocal effects and lyrics
Song Name: BLOW AWAY
Date: 2011-11-29 09:40:43
Reviewer: RoXi and the Blue Cats

2.  Review: Very pretty instrumental. Love the gentleness of it all. Melsi
Song Name: ALL I EVER NEED Instrumental
Date: 2011-11-09 04:23:35
Reviewer: Melsi Collaborations!

3.  Review: Brilliant good work from the UK
Date: 2011-10-18 03:17:22
Reviewer: Charlie Martin


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Miami, FL


About Us:
No matter what the style you are bound to like one of TC's songs. He will remind you of something familiar and pleasant to the ear. Even his Hard Driving Fast Lick Guitar Songs will have you singing along in no time at all. TC - Singer Songwriter Composer. Unique Ballads, Love Songs, Pop Rock, Rock, Alternative, Industrial, Electronic, instrumental. QUILLACOLLO PUBLISHING COMPANY BMI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Flowh Calendar


2011-10-26 at 01:31:18
TC ... Many thanks for the review ...
2011-10-25 at 20:46:46
Hey TC. Thanks alot..I haven't been on here for so long, so you've heard some of my original songs...Keep up the good work! Thanks
2011-10-25 at 20:41:57
Thank you TC for stopping by my page...Loving your songs...I am a TC fan..Your Friend In Music, Carmella
2011-10-24 at 03:01:22
I like the varied writing styles ... cool songs. Cheers.
2011-10-20 at 07:56:14
Hay thanks for the comment. Like everybody else, I'm just trying to get recognized. thanks again
2011-10-20 at 00:02:06
Hi TC, I just stopped by again to listen to a few more of your outstanding songs. It's an honor to be airing all of them here on IMRadio. Have a wonderful Wednesday evening! peace, Paddy
2011-10-19 at 19:09:28
Thank you for your sweet comment :) You guys sound great! I wish you the best with everything!
2011-10-19 at 03:46:20
thanks for your comment, i love your style too!
2011-10-18 at 15:13:44
Thanks for friending me, Great songs you have! Take care, blessings
2011-10-18 at 11:31:10
thanks for the kudos cheers, donna
2011-10-18 at 07:23:57
Thanx for the friendship, nice tunes of yours! Cheers /H
2011-10-18 at 04:01:14
"I Remember Days" is very cute :) Were you planning on entering it into the Sweet Relief charity program?
2011-10-18 at 01:19:56
Hi TC thanks for the wonderful comment!! We all have a reason to share and the world needs music of all types! Much love on your journey keep the music flowing *_* One Love Ros *_*
2011-10-17 at 20:10:24
Thanks for becoming a fan of my music - I listened to So Full Of Love - very, very nice. Where are you in Florida?
2011-10-17 at 17:12:23
"So Full of Love" has your Love shining all through it. God Bless. aka Level Seven Daya
2011-10-17 at 16:51:04
Hi TC, Thanks for your recent review of Let Me Explain. Nice to hear from you this way. Richest Blessings to you in your work for the planet. aka Level Seven Daya
2011-10-17 at 06:43:47
Thank you for the friendship TC ! Thank you for your kind comment! Your music is great! Wish you a happy week! Lilian.
2011-10-17 at 00:23:37
Strangely familiar at the same time it is uniquely different
2011-10-16 at 22:54:53
Thanks for the kind review TC! - DVS
2011-10-16 at 22:04:11
Hi TC, thank you for sharing your music on IMRadio. "It's Gonna Rain" is a beautiful song. I'm certain many will be touched (I was) by the message it brings regarding the trials we face and how hard it is (at times) to keep our head above the waters. Many Blessings to you and your music - Terri G
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