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acoustic alternative/neo folk/poppyrock

About Us:
A band which defies genre labeling, they are a simmering stew of Jazz, Pop, Blues, Folk etc etc. They are: Marco Cremaschini Keys, Piano and Organ, Arrangements, Co-Composer Lisa Simmons Lyrics, Lead Vocal, Co-Composer Massimo Saviola Co-Composer, Double Bass, Electric Bass Cesare Valbusa Drums, Co-Composer Special Guests include Simone Guiducci Electric, Acoustic Guitar , Simone Boffa Electric Guitar, Fillipo DePaoli, Acoustic Guitar

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We are happy to let ya'll know that we are hard at work on our second c.d. Looks like it'll be released early 2013. Please join us on Facebook or Twitter , if you are so inclined for , updates , freebies , photos and the rest of it!!



Poppy Rock 


live @ the
soiled dove


Feel No Pain 


live @ the
soiled dove


Shame on
you! Hippie

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2009-09-12 at 23:23:56
"From I had a dream to keep hope alive, to yes we can these days we'll survive, we will thrive - From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a Bush Abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new folk/reggae/rock song "ObamaNation” [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]. If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-09-12 at 17:06:33
hi Lisa, thanks for your note. I always love listening to your songs! Have a wonderful weekend!! peace, Padd
2009-09-10 at 19:44:03
Thank you for the generous compliments, Lisa. I am pleased that you found worth in those three songs in particular. It is about time the world starting hearing these songs, and so many others. As to Hippie Tendencies, I am fond of the mix of American vocals and European instrumentalists as a general rule. The songs that resonate with me most are the clever "Hippie Tendencies" (which has the most commercial potential) and the sultry, heartfelt "Time Is Of The Essence." The arrangements and performances are eclectic, honest and intelligent. cQ
2009-09-09 at 09:06:30
Hey Lisa - many Thanks for giving Us a Listen and a polite comment - really appreciate it,Patrik
2009-09-08 at 22:06:05
So nice of you to take a listen; thank you. Predictable=stagnation for me, so I stick to my restless exploratory methods! I know I'll be back time and time again to check out YOUR work, because "time is of the essence". With a smile ~ Rick
2009-09-08 at 15:26:15
kudos for your comment :) Our track 'Fight Society' is a anthem for the teens,the bullied,the broken,the poor and the secluded and just for everybody who feels as if they left out and nobody hears what theyhave to say. Im glad it came to me and the band to have our say and thru music its such a powerful medium. "Memories" is a song about teen suicide and how its triggered is different ways. its so important for us as a band to fill the errors in a persons life by speaking thru the songs and filling those empty negative spaces with love. :) you are a wonderful singer. Wade McAdam
2009-09-08 at 09:05:00
for the time ive had so far ive enjoyed feel no pain.ill try to listen to your other songs more closely later. Peace And Love
2009-09-08 at 07:21:39
Thank you,im glad you liked my song and yes i will join you in your hippy tendecies! now more than ever we need positivity in this world.too much trivia rules today.we need to believe in some magic.
2009-09-08 at 00:01:25
Ciao Lisa! Grazie per il complimento e per essere diventata mia fan,ricambio di cuore! Buona musica! Ti auguro una meravigliosa settimana. Un abbraccio e un bacio, Antonino Conti
2009-09-06 at 01:56:42
You have such a great sound. All the best. Paul from Future Now.
2009-09-05 at 21:28:57
Héééé, tu parles français ! C'est super ! I was very happy to read your message. Thanks. I love your music ! Hugs. Christina
2009-09-04 at 21:48:32
Hi Lisa, Thank you! I appreciate the comment very much...Great to meet you...and the band here! Love your music...such great lyrics and a beautiful voice...excellent production and instrumentation. I'm old school...and have major Hippie Tendencies!:)lol Stay in touch, Joe
2009-08-31 at 22:54:02
All Persian Hail, VASPoohER has been registered in Rock the Nation RTN competition http://award.rockthenatio Just click on the name of your favorite band. Everyone can vote once a day. All the Best, Ham
2009-08-30 at 20:34:25
thanks for the friendship and your kind words about our music. it is much appreciated. have a great week!
2009-08-30 at 17:50:33
I'm listening to you guys right now. I love the Hippie Tendencies tune especially & time is of the essence but I liked them all! I like the B&W pic of you in the studio in front of the pop screen!Lisa! Thank you so much for your sweet message about my stuff!. It was really nice of you to check out my stuff and leave such specific comments! Keep going and don't ever stop!!!! I like the line about getting home from the gig at 2. Ha!!!! So true that's the time isn't it!!?? Smiles!! Bonny Morgan (DJBonseye)
2009-08-29 at 22:29:47
Thanks, Your band is awesome! I like your message and honesty! Did you guys record in analog? Also where exactly is Sirmione? Keep up the good work and I'll be back to give yall another good listen!
2009-08-28 at 21:34:35
2009-08-28 at 21:09:20
thanks a lot for your message !!! Love your music !!
2009-08-28 at 01:17:36
Hey there Lisa, enjoying the magnificent vibes, smooth and liquid with variety -- ha--hah!! I'm loving it,-- so refreshing -- the best to all of you.
2009-08-27 at 06:24:46
all our best to you as well
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