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1.  Review: Nice pop rock, great guitar work, driving bass, very catchy
Date: 2011-11-12 09:59:10
Reviewer: TC

2.  Review: Love the piano intro nice chops. catchy tune
Date: 2011-11-12 09:57:17
Reviewer: TC

3.  Review: Nice pop rock Mellancamp feel. Awesme guitar work
Date: 2011-11-12 09:54:58
Reviewer: TC


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South Western Ont.

classic rock

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The band takes from the finest movements in rock, the artsy moments in classic rock, and MICHAEL PATRICK BAND's memorable melodies shine throughout. The guitar and drum teamwork is absolutely incredible throughout on both a unique and stylistic level. This album just really makes you feel good, pulls your hearts strings, and lets you live within the music. Mike Patrick(your awesome Mike)? lead vocals and guitar has great vocals that got me to notice his band with the first song that got my attention. "WELCOME TO MY LIFE" gives the vibe of a classic song, and shows the classic rock giants in MICHAEL PATRICK BAND at their most memorable and most likely my favorite, though it’s hard to say because this whole record is pretty darn memorable. The distortion really hits hard, and the band transitions into such shimmering melody that pulls the hearts strings in every which way. The drumming is jammin, moving, and well, perfect. "The tracks "DOLL OF THE MALL","DO WHAT YOU WANT","AINT THAT A SHAME","WHEN IT'S OVER","LOVE THAT LASTS", "BAD BAD GIRL" and "MINUTE TO MIDNITE" unleashes the more classic side of the band, and they really know how to kick some beats! The band really picks up the pace and the heaviness on "VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE", and the rythym is coming at you with something to say! Other stunners like " SO HE RUNS" and "DEVIL IN THE NIGHT" unleash both upbeat and ferocious riffs that move oh so swiftly,and emotionally with fully charged guitar riffs,drums and other great sounds! It seems like whatever genre the band puts into their formula, it all goes hand and hand for a great song, and ultimately an album full of quality songs from start to finish. MICHAEL PATRICK BAND unleashes just as much intensity as the music puts in. They play the music they want to hear, play it heavy, and get the masses involved in the mix. THE MICHAEL PATRICK BAND has risen to the next level.Check them out on MySpace at: BY Juanita aka SHYGIRL RAPIDBEAT PROMOTIONS d.php?t=5106



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2013-02-18 at 18:30:06
Thanks Patrick for the nice complement you put on my site sometime ago. I haven't been up here in a while. I just put up a new song I wrote called "Forever". Hope you like it.
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2012-07-15 at 15:12:09
Greetings from Ukraine. Wondeful sound, cool music. Keep up the good work. Good luck!!!
2012-05-26 at 15:14:10
Greetings from Serbia! Great stuff here! Please,listen my music and recomend to your friends... Cheers and keep in touch. ps.artist IVEZA
2012-02-08 at 22:09:27
,,,,a little late but HAPPY 2012 TO EVERYONE!! ..................Michael .................... :)
2011-12-23 at 06:19:13
Happy New Year 2012 dear Michael! Had to come by & play "Minute to Midnite" You are the Rockingest Best!!! love ya * Pat ♥:)
2011-12-19 at 18:10:42
Still Lovin your Music. MERRY CHRISTMAS
2011-12-17 at 23:15:37
THanks bro ditto :\
2011-11-27 at 17:04:51
Very Nice :)
2011-11-22 at 07:22:55
Happy Thanksgiving dearest Michael! loving your tracks every Minute to Midnite! Thank you so much for the lovely note! You're the Best!!! ¢¾ much love ¢¾ Patricia
2011-11-12 at 16:02:13
Enjoyed everone of your songs here. i enjoy the variety, but also they remind a bit of Melloncamp and could listen to the songs over and over again
2011-11-12 at 07:13:34
Well Mike it way pass midnite, now can't sleep any more after listening to your music! Great songs, i enjoyed them very much.Good luck with your music.
2011-10-05 at 03:02:44
Hi Michael! " Minute To Midnight " hugely commercial song & radio perfect! So happy to be your fan here * beautiful best wishes ♥ Patricia
2011-09-16 at 20:03:08
Incredible stuff! thanks for the encouragement too!
2011-09-08 at 22:14:23
Hi Michael, thanks so much for your awesome album..and extra goodies. Songs two and three are my favorites so far. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend. peace, Paddy
2011-09-02 at 13:43:23
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2011-08-29 at 01:41:01
Hey guys so my mother recently passed away and boy what a trial this has been....during these past few weeks i have been thinking a lot and decided that i want to make her proud still, she used to always tell me to get my song "Take a Drink" out there because she felt it would touch a lot of people because its pretty much about my dark stages of drinking and the things I did and the things we tend do while intoxicated. So I want to get that song plus all my music out there!! I know exposure is key to getting deals and licensing opportunities so if you could please post my band page to where you can and talk us up! With your help im sure we may have a chance at getting heard!! If we make it trust me all you will be rewarded some way or another. I know what your thinking, yeah right blah blah blah but my mother taught me good morals so trust me because i know in my head she is watching everything I do so i dont want to let her down in anyway on this world!! thanks so much you guys hope to hear back from you guys and good luck with your endeavours as well!!!
2011-08-05 at 03:04:55
Welcome to my Life, is a great tune!!!!
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