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Song Name: Sunrise
Date: 2012-10-11 14:20:06
Reviewer: David E. Maxwell


David E. Maxwell's Information

Philadelphia, PA

Christian, Funk, Jazz

About Us:
I am a Independent Artist/Producer who loves God with all my heart. I believe that God's gift to us is life, and what we do with that life, is our gift back to Him.

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Are You Promoting Your Music Enough?

Promotion, possibly a musician's worse enemy? I say this because it's the part most people get wrong, intentionally or not. I've seen people take time to record the perfect CD, pay to have an excellent cover done, get it into shops worldwide, then just sit down and wait for their CD to sell. But it hardly does. Why? BECAUSE THEY HARDLY PROMOTED IT!! You can't just expect people to walk into a record shop and buy your music, you have to let people know it's there and give them a good reason to buy it! Now I know you may not have yourself down as a sales person. And that's OK, most musicians don't. But I'll tell you now, without including some form of promotion in your campaigns, your music won't get very far. So how much promotion do you need to do for a successful release? Well, that would depend on the size and type of the project. One thing's for sure though, you should be promoting your release between 2 and 4 week prior to the release date. You start out mentioning it without too many details, then as the date gets closer give more details and making a bigger deal out of it. Creating anticipation is a great way to pre sell your music, and if done correctly will mean that a nice portion of your sells should come within the first week. Once you've released your CD, you should carry on promoting and spend all your time on it. Where possible you should be doing radio appearances, live shows, interviews, online promotion, flyering, and anything else you can fit in. Simply writing a one off post on a music forum won't get you the amount of sales you'll need to even cover the cost of making your music, so think bigger. Even a one off advert in a popular magazine often isn't enough, people react better to buying when they've seen your promotion in a few places and are more curious about your product. That means for the next month or more after your release you need to be EVERYWHERE your customers turn! Please don't make the mistake of under promoting your music, if you're going to put the effort in to recording and releasing your music, the least you could do is let it reach it's full potential. To your success.



Testing Out
My Bass


Free Flow 

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2012-10-31 at 06:20:17
When you get a chance check out my “FREE” Mobile App by David E. Maxwell. This "FREE" Mobile App lets you listen to my music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device. http://www.reverbnation.c om/mobile-app/34835/david emaxwell
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2012-10-14 at 22:40:17
Hi David, I’m diggin’ your outstanding music airing here on IMRadio, as I write you this note. Have a super Sunday evening! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, President and Founder
2012-10-11 at 07:28:27
It sounds good and encouraging when we hear, peolpe say, "The Sky Is The Limit." I would venture and take it to the next level and say, "The Sky Is NOT The Limit", If you know what I mean... Think about it.
2012-10-11 at 05:48:56
This is a rough draft instrumental version of my new single that will be featured on my next CD Project soon to be released called "SUNRISE". All Rights Reserved, Use By Permission. Your feedback is always welcomed. God Bless.
2012-07-25 at 07:27:30
I need your help to keep me in the Top Ten on Reverbnation. Right now we're number 7 on the Christian/Gospel charts for Philadelphia, PA. http://www.reverbnation.c om/davidemaxwell You can also listen to good music and watch entertaining videos as well. Spread The Word. Thank you in advance and be blessed.
2012-07-13 at 01:23:35
Hello IMRadio familt here is a “FREE DOWNLOAD”. A single called Free Flow, from my debut CD http://www.reverbnation.c om/open_graph/song/629581 7 Pass It On To Your Friends.
2012-05-03 at 15:53:31
*** Just Wanna Give a Shout Out *** Hello everyone, I haven't been on this site in a while. I've been busy with my other sites and I need to include this one in my schedule. I Pray that all is well with ya, Be blessed always.
2011-09-15 at 11:32:53
Hi there! Great music :) Please support our new page:) Thank you! Cheers!
2011-09-06 at 16:18:11
Hey David! Thanks for becoming a fan God Bless you, and may you continue spreading his word!
2011-09-03 at 12:00:49
hi David! we meet again, nice to see you here too :) keep shining your light!! blessings!!
2011-08-11 at 15:38:18
well I found you!!
2011-07-24 at 03:33:02
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