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HiperChel's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Cool song.
Song Name: Light your fire
Date: 2013-02-22 07:54:14
Reviewer: Isa Conar

2.  Review: Awesome!
Song Name: Breathe
Date: 2013-02-18 00:50:20
Reviewer: chalam

3.  Review: A powerhouse vocalist!Wow!
Song Name: Light your fire
Date: 2013-02-18 00:48:53
Reviewer: chalam


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I woke up
famous today


Step by step
(live video)

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2013-02-13 at 23:46:09
Amazing to hear your music, cos you know you are great! Keep on rockin' ! Lots of regards as well !
2013-02-13 at 20:26:16
really cool stuff!
2013-02-13 at 18:53:45
love your voice
2012-08-14 at 21:19:52
Thanks for your way cool message; I really like your music too! God Bless!! Kenny
2012-07-17 at 10:04:23
You guys are awesome!! Would be great if we ever got over to the Ukraine to play and gig with you too!! We can dream!! LOL!!
2012-07-16 at 00:18:02
Greeting from the great southwest. Love your spirit! Doc's niece is currently touring in the Ukraine I believe. You can always find me on facebook. Love making new talented friends.
2012-07-15 at 15:33:03
Hey Its Luckee ! Hi! We met online before :)
2012-07-15 at 15:22:07
Hey HiperChel, thanks a lot for the add. Hope you get a chance to send some feedback regarding my music. Cheers from India!
2012-07-02 at 00:35:00
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2012-06-13 at 07:35:26
hey cool!
2012-05-25 at 19:51:42
Great music! I enjoyed listening.
2012-04-29 at 23:53:38
beautiful sound, beautiful voice, congratulations
2012-03-22 at 13:11:26
Great voice! Love the way you use it!
2012-03-20 at 13:45:27
Hello ....I've uplouded a new Song calles "FEAR" It's a slow Harmonic Blues Song!
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