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Jerusalem, AR

Southern Gospel

About Us:
We are just a down home people that love the Lord. We love to tell everybody we meet what God has done for us. Me (Ricky) he delivered meet from drugs, hate and sins of all kinds. I began writing songs at a young age along with God blessing me to play most anything I picked up. I wasted alot of my talant for nothing. But in 2000 standing at the bedside of my dieing mother,she told me if I didn't change my life I would never get to see her or ever get to tell her that I love her again. That my friend opened my eyes like they have ever been open before. I praise the Lord that he loved me enough to forgive me and to take the taste of everything away from me. We are trying to raise enough money to finish our CD project that we have started couple years ago. God has given us new songs to get copyrighted and get recorded. So if you would like to help us look us up on Facebook or email us at God Bless you. Thanks for stopping by.

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I Pled the Blood: tiers/id407701297 Vision of Deliverance: 443556

Gods word

Mathew 1-66-73 When I was reading this my heart jumped for joy. Just knowing that when Mary came to Elizabeth to tell her that the Lord asked her to bring his son Jesus to this earth to walk among us. That John his cousin was filled with the Holy Ghost and leaped in her womb full of joy. Wow how do you think they felt knowing they were both bring the world a gift that Nobody else could bring.


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2011-08-11 at 05:39:01
I would like to say Thank you for getting our songs to #7 on the Revebnations local charts that is about a 10 state area. Thank you so much
2011-07-22 at 17:11:40
Ricky York I am asking all, Christian that love the Lord help us raise $1600.00 to finish a CD project that we have started. For each of you that will help us. You will recieve the CD free of charge. For helping it will be signed by the members of the group.. You can send all donation to P.O.Box 111 Jerusalem, Ar 72080. God Bless
2011-07-16 at 20:54:27
Hi Ricky, thanks for your note on Facebook. And thanks for airing your outstanding songs here on IMRadio. Have a wonderful weekend! Peace, Paddy
2011-06-20 at 23:19:13
I would like to Thank each and everyone of you that come and view our site. I hope our songs bless you hearts May God Bless and keep you. Thank again. Ricky

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