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Pop/Rock/Classical mix

About Us:
I am determined to change the music of today! I am sick of all the "canned" stuff out there that all sounds the same - hope you like what I have to offer. :0)I have basically been sick my whole life, almost died 9 years ago, and only NOW feel like I can do something!!! Life is too short! I need more time! :0) I need to do this for my Ma who was my rock and suffered so much while I was sick.. she is my hero and everything I do, I do for her. She believes in me, and I believe in her belief and will not let her donw. This is my soul, my heart, my passion! Just need someone to give me a chance. I NEED TO DO THIS! :0) I have only a few of my 200 songs up here... only been able to record them since last Sept and am working on MORE! All I want is for my music to touch souls and save lives.. like music saved MY life.

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2011-07-03 at 01:02:35
wishing you a Wonderful Weekend, we often times get caught into our own Lives but today is a celebration of a Collective achievment , we celebrate as one People who strive for freedom, no matter the country, no matter the struggles all Mankind wants to Be free, and he shall Be free, even if it's in His Mind, Body and soul...Freedom can Never Be taken from you, shackles can only Bind your Body, but you shall be free if you Dream...Bless all we Have achieved, Have a Happy Holiday...Peace....Frontl ine
2011-06-28 at 01:16:22
thanks for the message, Hope you have a great week!
2011-06-23 at 03:36:05
Check out my newest ones!!
2011-06-16 at 11:18:05
hi i like imagine me,thats cool,keep it up.anyway i would add you on you tube,cheers..
2011-06-13 at 01:33:51
OH wow - you tour??? I can only DREAM of that stage! How did you get to do that?If you don't mind me asking..
2011-06-11 at 23:08:33
Dear friend, thank you for your support. We wish you the best! Aineshana
2011-06-09 at 02:47:20
Hey Muffy, I'm new on IMRadio. I've added a song called "Tired Of Just Talking" with a Jazz flavor to my page. When you have a spare moment take a listen. God bless you, George Michael Dile
2011-06-09 at 01:18:12
I have a very sincere, hopeful request...... I am on Youtube..there are 5 videos there.. more to come.. :0) It would be great if you could "like" it on the site... and if you could, I would be forever in your debt if you could share this link with anyone you can. This is my SOUL.. I NEED to do this and need 100 000 hits to get noticed. I would be forever grateful!! And I will return the favour somehow, someday, however I can.. :0) Thanks! Love Muffy er/MuffyMPrice?feature=mh um#p/u
2011-06-07 at 01:17:52
To anyone who listens to my music.. thank you for listening and I hope my songs make you happy.. all I want is for my music to touch peoples' souls and save their lives, like music did for me.. literally saved my life! :0)
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