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Spacer About You Singersam Wright R&b, singer, international standard. song writer] t,] ight LAGOS NIGERIA / LOS ANGELES, CL-U.S.A -the african born Singersam wright, is an interantional R&B,artist ,/song writer/producer. sent from heaven to be a blessing to billions of people across the world, to make them happy and to also make them understand love . Singersam wright is a man with somuch dertermination, he is always ready to take over the world with his swagga, he is internationally focus, he believes in the beauty of his dreams. Singersam wright grew up in africa were he knew alot about music. he started in his laTE fathers church,[ late BISHOP [DR] B.WRIGHT [JP]of blessed memories who is partly a nigeria/american ] born in the U.S.A ] there in his fathers church he knew how to play the piano. Singersam wright, is a professional musician, with an international dream. his songs are world class, singersam wright believes in [GOD] and also in his son [jesus christ] Singersam wright also studied, petrol chemical engineering, he has so much talent in him. he is a great singer, with a strange style,get ready for him he is ready to take over the world with his swagga, singersam wright never ,give up , like he will alwaYs say in God we trust. U CAN CONTACT -SINGERSAM -HERE -CALL +2348034965610 [SINGERSAM@JUSTICE.COM]

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hi frds--today is my birth-day

hi frds--today is my birth-day


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Hi there! Great music :) Please support our new page:) Thank you! Cheers!
2011-06-20 at 03:10:14
My sound system is down but I'll be back!
2011-05-28 at 11:00:42
New music from RaDaZe Ltd. CD entitled "GL 2011". Hott dance tune "Hi Steppin" for all you "Steppers". the vocal version of "My Inspiration, and an R&B sensation in the genre of The Moments entitled "It's Real. HEAR ME!

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