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Song Name: Secrets
Date: 2011-08-29 17:37:10
Reviewer: Adam Schoch


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Thousand Oaks, CA


About Us:
David Kelly ~ Pianist, Keyboardist, Keytarist, Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer. Currently preparing The Greatest Piano show on Earth along with one of the greatest piano solos ever heard or seen. Join the Wizard of Piano on a magical musical journey of Piano & Keyboard Mastery

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Ok, Ok,I had to do it, I just had to

Ok, Ok, I had to do it, I just ahd to [remove] Yes! I just had to do it [remove] I finally did it just cuz I wanted to and I hope you enjoy my renditions. my newly released "Christmas in Cali" Holiday Piano Favoites album. I do a cool version of "The Grinch" as well as "White Christmas" and a shadowy version of "My Favorite Things" I think you'll love it. There are 10 holiday song renditions on the album performed by me on piano. Why this particular line up of songs? Well, the main 2 reasons I did it was, #1 I could never find "The Grinch" and "White Christmas" on the same album, well actually it's really hard to find it period. And the second reason was that I wanted to make a holiday piano album that you could sing to like the old days on the piano by the Christmas tree with Family & friends, or simply relax, have an eggnog and enjoy the song instrumentally with all it's beautiful melody. I truly hope you enjoy my "Chriistmas in Cali". Stop by and give a listen at

David's Official Site~Come visit

Come visit David's Officiail site and sign his Guest Book while you are there. Stay informed and sign in the V.I.P. Fanclub page, but most importantly enjoy your visit! visit anytime at WWW.DAVIDKELLYPIANOWORKS.COM

Drama! Drama! It keeps getting better, I promise

The "Drama" Keeps getting better! [remove] Drama! Drama! Drama! David Kelly's "Drama" Piano Keyboard Madness at it's Finest. Captivating, Mesmerizing, melodically tasty hauntingly orchestrated musical passages taking you on a wild & crazy piano keyboard roller coaster ride. Enjoy David's Wizardry of piano & keyboard on this instrumental piano album of 15 tracks of abstract orchestrated piano madness. CD is available online everywhere! Get it now at

A Journey worth the travel

Join me on a musical journey of Piano & Keyboard wizardry. It has just begun. Support your friendly piano wizard and order your CDs today! Begin your journey with "Drama" a 15 track instrumental piano keyboard roller coaster ride with hauntingly orchestrated musical passages and piano compositions that will relax your mind and sooth your soul at Your next stop, just in time for the holidays, David's "Christmas in Cali" Holiday Piano Favorites CD. With David's idiosyncratic piano style, Yule simply love these renditions of those oh so familiar songs like "White Christmas", Here comes santa claus" and "The Grinch" are a few that make this the must have CD for your holiday music collection. Get it now at Then, Join the V.I.P. Club and stay in tuned for the next part of the journey, it's going to be amazing! David's working on 2 new albums which will blow your mind. Can't give them away because it's a surprise but I can say one of the album is sweet Blues with David playing unbelievable Keytar melodies that will melt the Blues away. Simply go to sign up at HTTP://DAVIDKELLYPIANOWORKS.COM Don't forget to sign the Guest Book while you are there. Peace, Love & Music Always


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2012-05-28 at 06:47:21
Hiya David, Wonderful sounds coming out of here... Thanks for stopping by, keep the music flowing! ((*_*)) Peace~Love~ Music!
2011-10-05 at 00:31:21
So glad to be connected here now, BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!! XO from Boston, Susan!!!
2011-09-09 at 19:29:32
Amazing piano!!!
2011-09-07 at 17:59:38
Greetings from Ukraine. Really enjoyed your music... very emotional and powerful. Good luck!!!!!
2011-09-01 at 11:29:39
Dear friend, thank you for your support. We wish you the best! Aineshana
2011-08-30 at 14:10:06
Hello David! Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my work. I am very glad for our friendship. With love,Zhanna.
2011-08-30 at 12:04:10
Nice music and playing there David, I like it.
2011-08-29 at 22:38:23
Dave you are absolutely amazing!
2011-08-29 at 22:27:54
very talented piano player and u have great sound and quality.God bless you and your music.
2011-08-29 at 18:41:20
Greetings., from Chicago whats happening. Awesome vibes much peace and love. Suicide Bunnies!!
2011-08-29 at 01:42:22
Hey guys so my mother recently passed away and boy what a trial this has been....during these past few weeks i have been thinking a lot and decided that i want to make her proud still, she used to always tell me to get my song "Take a Drink" out there because she felt it would touch a lot of people because its pretty much about my dark stages of drinking and the things I did and the things we tend do while intoxicated. So I want to get that song plus all my music out there!! I know exposure is key to getting deals and licensing opportunities so if you could please post my band page to where you can and talk us up! With your help im sure we may have a chance at getting heard!! If we make it trust me all you will be rewarded some way or another. I know what your thinking, yeah right blah blah blah but my mother taught me good morals so trust me because i know in my head she is watching everything I do so i dont want to let her down in anyway on this world!! thanks so much you guys hope to hear back from you guys and good luck with your endeavours as well!!!
2011-08-28 at 22:00:11
Have a Good Week Man ♫
2011-08-28 at 17:49:42
Beautiful music and excellent piano playing
2011-08-28 at 07:45:59
Hello, David! I am very glad to be your friend on imradio. Best Regards Alex
2011-08-28 at 06:21:07
hey thanks for your friendship here David.... very nice work your way!!!! thanks for sharing your gifted talent...cheers!!!
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