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Alternative Rock Pop

About Us:
I started as a game in 2004 I recorded my first EP from my computer, the second was in 2006 this recording was independently, but in 2007 I ventured to create an album with more songs, the first of September of the same years published my first album "UNMARKED.STRANGER.TIME Rock" also independently recorded sounds mixed with Grunge, Rock, Funk, Punk, Metal, it was very experimental. And so began the visits and mail on my music profile on the net, I think people have started listening to my tracks by what they were strangers. I took some time to think about continuing to write music so I decided to go and find something new. In late 2007 he was preparing what would be my new songs, but many problems arose and the recordings were detained until mid 2008, I began to improve and mix of what they had done so was born "Rewind" on July 26, 2009 my digital album is a bit different than the first, I think it should be by the time it took me to create, record over 19 songs and only 11 decided to publish the first version and then 13 for the re-edition of 28 November 2009. The songs are about things that have happened to me, take some of these stories to make a new album, but not only are personal stories are a mixture of fiction, games, love, hate, not just me, if not many people I met on this last time, so also the name of the album "Rewind" I wanted to recount the past as a way of questioning and reflecting on many situations as a way to unburden finally a pop-rock mix resulted in my new job for 2009.

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New Album 2009

This year, new album, if not since 2007 that the public something new and better for my first show as an advance single(PERDER EL CONTROL) that IMRadio is a great station that offers significant support to independent music. More info here soon ...


Happy;) if my second indie album digital ready you can download from my space and listen to the IMradio singles from here to next July will be the third single to be here that publishes exclusively on the IMradio ;)


Continue to promote my album Rewind throughout the network until mid-April, then take a break and then prepare the new ...

Earthquake in Chile 27/02/2010

The 27 in the morning at 3:34 hours, an earthquake and ensuing tsunami affection for my country in the region of Bio-Bio and the Maule region. The city where I live (design) was also affected by this great earthquake. I spent a week unable to contact anyone of my family, product of this first quake disrupted communication and electricity in the affected areas, thank God my family and I are good but still very scared by the constant aftershocks of the earthquake because it was a very large earthquake with an intensity of 8.8. Greetings and move forward with great force. Peace. Charlee


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2009-05-30 at 19:29:02
Thanks for the fanship : ) ! Of your 2 tunes that are up gotta love Perder El Control, it does feel out of control..All the best to you, Lisa
2009-04-27 at 06:17:18
Thanks Alberto, I'm glad you dig The Idjit! Very cool song, nice tone. All the Best- Martin
2009-04-24 at 23:30:56
Dig the into to Perder El Control. Really grabs you. Robert
2009-04-23 at 19:05:57
Nice to meet you.
2009-04-23 at 12:22:08
hi charlee, great song, i like the crunchy sound of the guitar, visit me for some electronic songs with e-bass, rock on, mattes :)
2009-04-18 at 07:29:20
the very good song i'm love it,I wish you a week end check Lili
2009-04-16 at 19:53:26
Love your stuff! As soon as I can I will be uploading a video with my arwork set to a song by my dear friend James Marshall Black, check him out on here, he is great! Peace Kimmi
2009-04-15 at 17:03:39
glad to meet you . You have very good songs . Best regards from Guadeloupe
2009-04-15 at 16:38:10
I enjoy listening to all of Your Tracks. Looking forward to hear more Records from you. kind Regards from Cologne
2009-04-14 at 14:44:13
Lots of LOVE from Miss Heart!
2009-04-14 at 07:40:20
cool song man! peace
2009-04-13 at 11:10:40
Thank for becoming our friend! Did you like our song? Stay in touch.
2009-04-10 at 14:33:38
Thanks to you. Have a great weekend. Robert
2009-04-08 at 13:42:02
Nice to meet you.
2009-03-31 at 17:07:31
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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