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Song Name: Just Wait
Date: 2012-10-03 16:06:39
Reviewer: Nikki Hornsby


Nikki Hornsby's Information

Lomita, CA

Pop, Folk Americana, Country, Blues, Spanish plus

About Us:
2014 CJP-NHRecords released Pop orchestral Hornsby songs and one is covered sung by Zita Sabon recording artist in Austria Europe. Nikki Hornsby is a Grammy & ACM voting member with over 34 commercial original releases & over 1000 written & performed songs worldwide. Nikki Hornsby, is the founder of CJP-NHRecords. She herself traveled throughout Europe 2004-2007 test marketing original songs while writing new songs sometimes two songs daily. From years of airplay throughout Europe she was able to thank many people & radio programmers personally in different countries for playing (broadcasting) her music to the top 5 on stations there. In Mallorca Spain, where she had a number one, she appeared on IB3 TV live and performed solo her Spanish original song "Yo Tengo Un Amor" not yet recorded plus a new one "Red Roses on the Floor". Both have a strong Latin beat as "Red Roses..." was written while in Europe. "Flyin Over Sweet Alabama" Nikki also performed live for the TV & radio audiences and did live performances with only her 12 string with interviews at many radio stations throughout Europe. Nikki had an airplane accident 2007 flight back for Grammy Event week and then her car was broadsided 2008 where she was hospitalized. More accidents occurred in 2009 & 2010 but this woman keeps rising up to continue her inherited responsibility to Hornsby music. Nikki Hornsby's "Flyin Over Sweet Alabama" reached #27 for May 2011 on Top Singles Cashbox Chart before the ownership changes & this publication was taken off the net but radio offline stations may still play this song worldwide. This song as others have proven marketable around the world but needs the support of others to have songs like "Momma's Blues" (support video on You Tube) obtain more exposure. Nikki is looking for her music to be included in films, tv, or recorded by other artists. Nikki Hornsby's goal is to have other artists sing & record her Hornsby original songs and why she was performing them to audiences proving their merit for years. Many of her songs have been live test marketed with great results all over the world with print & photo verification of this fact. Contact CJP-NHRecords staff if interested in song material licensing for any upcoming projects.

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Just Wait

The sexy song on You Tube called "Just Wait" Nikki Hornsby chose a slapping bass intro for this bluesy style song about feeling deep love for someone when they aren't with you. Plus a message not to forget to "just wait" to express this real love you have for each other. Wanted to upload the support video to imradio but couldn't except the song did upload. CJP-NHRecords is releasing singles like this from 2011 to 2016. Hope you like her works on imradio.



Running Wild


Draw the




Just Lovin
You by Nikki

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2014-02-03 at 17:54:50
Just Lovin You is great to download for Valentines Day and weddings too. Don't forget it has You Tube supports for five different languages. Google Bing Nikki Hornsby for more including Radio offline interviews including Valentines Day.
2014-02-03 at 17:53:23
Please download and make Nikki Hornsby music a part of your lives as she's made her fans part of hers.
2013-01-26 at 18:41:58
Happy New Year to everyone on IMRadio. Could use more contacts here if anyone has a suggestion how to obtain...would be appreciated. God bless, Nikki
2012-12-23 at 16:35:52
Merry Christmas sweetie! You're a special lady, one day hope to mee you. Bishop
2012-10-19 at 23:09:32
For Public Information October Release: Nikki Hornsby with her Cousin Mike Weinberg went by request to Grammy Museum downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 17th to bring Dan Hornsby's Columbia Recordings. Plus she took many other things like pictures & posters from her Grandfather’s work in the music recording business from the 30s. These things were from her family collection she inherited. Some of the artifacts included records from a family friend Jimmy Van Heusen (songwriter) & Frank Sinatra (singer). These were in 78 record form. Also a rare Bessie Smith (blues jazz singer) and many Harry James (trumpet player) Columbia Recordings along with some cut disc outtakes on blank discs from Bing Crosby and a few more. Dan Hornsby's life time work in the music recording business is being honored at the Grammy Museum downtown Los Angeles CA USA. The Grammy Museum is having a Columbia Records display for one year starting in Nov 7, 2012. Nikki will return in November to the viewing. This date has been an honor since the music talent & gifts was an inherited treasure to Nikki Hornsby. Music has been the inherited gift as well to Nikki Hornsby's lifetime career in the music recording business. Since Nikki has no children to inherit all these products, from her parents & Grandparents, the respected Grammy Museum seems a good place to start to save her Grandfathers work. Please try to visit the Museum in the coming year to see the Columbia Records display showing Nikki Hornsby’s Grandfather’s {Dan Hornsby) Music for yourself. The museum is across from the Staples Center and the center surrounding is a great place downtown LA CA in which to spend the day. Look at the website to see for yourself!
2012-10-19 at 16:44:21
Nikki, Hope all is well with you. Still cranking out the music and would love to have you as a facebook friend Bishop Robinson. This site requires a little work on your part becoming fans with other artists and regular posting. I'm now up to 130 songs. Don't lose faith you are a great American talent. Your friend, Bishop Life's really not about who you were but who you are. are.
2012-10-03 at 21:04:12 PQ This is the direct link to the Just Wait Song Support Video unable to place on this page for some reason.
2012-10-03 at 20:59:59
Hey Paddy Noonan, for a Grammy voting member and business woman as myself along with CJP-NHRecords Staff we find IMRadio a great place to listen to music. God bless & thank you for the positive comments regarding the 30 commercial CJP-NHRecords releases. Regards, Nikki & CJP Staff
2012-07-19 at 18:47:44
Hi Nikki, thanks for your email. Right on and it's an honor having you in IMRadio's radio rotation...keep creating great music! peace, Paddy Noonan
2012-07-17 at 07:32:44
Nikki, Would love to have you as a fan. It will make it easier to follow you. you've made a friend.
2012-07-17 at 07:11:20
Nikki, I have one to share with you. Listen to And with your delicate touch, I was undone. a peck on the cheek exquisitely delicate as an orchid, undefinable,kismet. Love collaboration and new friends I'm an open channel. It's much to perfect for me to add vocals or words to. I'm on facebook, would love to develop a long term friendship. I really appreciate your writing ability, and love your voice. Glad I dropped by your site and noticed the message.
2012-07-17 at 02:35:24
Thank you Bishop. Ck out my "Money's Worth" song could do a great job on that one too! Have uploaded full songs here now. Hope you like my arrangements as well. God bless and find me on website anytime!
2012-07-14 at 04:23:49
Thank you for supporting this station. Big fan! Love your voice!

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