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About Us:
Maini Sorri is a Finnish singer-songwriter living in Sweden. She has composed music since she was 8 years old. Her first compositions were for the piano, but as a songwriter and a singer she made her breakthrough. Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit, and this is why her songs are very genuine. Listening to her music reveals that Maini has her own style. Maini has performed her own songs in concerts and on radio and TV. Her songs are beautiful and melodious. She has a clear and beautiful voice and has studied songs by several eminent song teachers. She also has studied music theory and composing. Maini's catchy dance single Hold Me was released on May 7th 2013. A must see Hold Me music video will be promoted to MTV and all over the USA by Trilogy Music Group in Hollywood and aired on more than 100 TV stations around the world. The music video was directed by W.A. Henderson from Los Angeles and the label behind the release is Reya music from Sweden. Maini has, as always, written the music, while the lyrics are by Gary Cornman from the USA and the remix is by Carsten Lehmann from Germany. The beautiful Hold Me music video that you can watch time after time stars Mali Monae and Michael Martinez from Los Angeles, USA. You can find Maini's videos on YouTube, while Maini's songs are available also on ReverbNation and more and are loved by listeners from all over the world. Maini has lots of fans across the world and she enjoys having daily contact with them very much. Maini's CDs are available via online stores worldwide. Discography: Maini - Please Go Away EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Worldwide: November 13th 2012 Maini Sorri - Please Go Away: Rock Remix EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Worldwide: November 13th 2012 Maini - Shiny Eyes EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Sweden: May 2nd 2012, USA and Worldwide: May 7th 2012 Maini Sorri - Someday: Vol. 2 (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Sweden: November 7th 2011, UK and Worldwide: November 14th 2011 Maini Sorri - Dreamworld EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Worldwide: October 31st 2011 Acoustika Vol. 27 (272 Records, California, USA) Worldwide: October 18th 2011 Acoustika Vol. 26 (272 Records, California, USA) Worldwide: August 12th 2011 Sorriso - Special Friend EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Worldwide: May 17th 2011 Maini - Let Me Do Your Time EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Sweden & UK: February 28th 2011, USA and Worldwide: March 28th 2011 Maini Sorri - Someday EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Sweden: March 1st 2010, UK, USA and Worldwide: September 13th 2010 Maini Sorri - Christmas In Our Hearts EP (Pr.O.N, Sweden) Sweden: December 2006, UK: November 29th 2010 Sorriso - Hiding Place Maini Sorri and John Baumann EP (Reya music, Stockholm, Sweden) Worldwide: January 13th 2010 Maini Sorri - Jäit tuoksuna minuun/Din doft stannade kvar (Your Fragrance Forever Stays with Me) (Pr.O.N, Sweden) Sweden: March 11th 2006 Maini Sorri - Lauluja elämän vuodenajoista/Sånger om livets årstider (Songs about the Seasons of Life) Sweden and Finland: September 13th 1998 Excellent reviews: Ian D. Hall of Liverpool Sound and Vision, Liverpool, UK [4 out of 5 stars] (December 18th 2012), Justin Beebe, USA (November 18th 2012), 272 Records, California, USA (July 2011), Gonzalo Arzamendi of Arzuk Productions, California, USA (April 2011), The Tea Room Music, UK (January 17th 2011), DJ Readman, Oxfordshire, UK (2011), Maverick Magazine, UK [4 out of 5 stars] (January 2011), Women's Radio, USA (December 24th 2010), The Rocker, UK (December 23rd 2010), Fatea Magazine, UK (October 2010), Piers Ford of The Art Of The Torch Singer, UK (September 30th 2010), Elly Roberts of AllGigs, UK [4 out of 5 stars] (September 15th 2010), IndieLondon, UK [3 out of 5 stars] (September 13th 2010), County Times (September 10th 2010), The FAR, USA (December 2007 and May 2007). Let Maini's songs touch your heart! Contact: Website:

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Maini Sorri's New Christmas Single Silent Night Is Available To Download From iTunes Now!

Maini Sorri's brand new Christmas single Silent Night is available to download from iTunes now at le/id783616153

Maini Sorri's New Single Just A Dream (Remixes) Is Available To Download From iTunes Now!

Maini Sorri's brand new single Just A Dream (Remixes) is available to download from iTunes now at ixes-ep/id739099338



Hold Me 


Please Go


artists ft
Maini Sorri
- Don't Be


Our River
Runs On


Lähden yksin 


I Shouldn't
Have Trusted


I Am Leaving 


Let Me Do
Your Time


Shiny Eyes 

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2011-05-04 at 01:40:34
hi Maini, thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music. Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall, on our home page, as you will see yourself up there soon…congratulations. Have a terrific Tuesday! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician

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