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HERRY SADELLI's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Amazing music!
Song Name: Six Days With You
Date: 2012-07-01 07:08:11
Reviewer: Isa

2.  Review: nice jam ! well done.
Song Name: Syeh Siti Jenar
Date: 2011-08-26 19:14:34

3.  Review: WOW! Killer tune! Much success. TEN96
Song Name: Syeh Siti Jenar
Date: 2011-06-16 07:45:45
Reviewer: TEN96


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2011-04-29 at 11:34:24
hey Herry, great guitar sound, cool shredding & licks too... MANTAP BRO... I'll be checking on you at RN soon...
2011-04-29 at 02:57:29
nice tunes!
2011-04-28 at 22:09:28
Hi Henry, thank you for becoming a friend.Syeh Siti is my favourite of the two posted. Its really imaginative, and I like the different textures of sounds here, some that are very romantic. Wishing you well, Melsi
2011-04-28 at 14:02:24
Hello nice to become friends
2011-04-28 at 13:56:36
Nice to meet you..
2011-04-28 at 12:40:25
Nice of you to say so Herry. You made my day.
2011-04-28 at 09:01:48
nice music herry, good listening
2011-04-28 at 06:49:33
thanks Herry, thanks for your nice compliments. I partiularly enjoyed your song 'Syeh Siti Jenar'.
2011-04-28 at 00:00:48
Hi Herry - Thanks for becoming a fan of my music.I listened to both your songs and I find them very interesting compositions. Especially liked Syeh Siti Jenar...
2011-04-27 at 21:21:01
Hey Herry Thanks for the support!good songs there..{Dr Flya}
2011-04-27 at 18:15:34
Hello! Thank you very much for the friendship. I was charmed by your music very much. Please listen to my musical piece by all means. Give a listen if you have the time. I need the feedback!!! This song is music that I offered, and the woman is singing. SHOKEO performs in gSTING ME, BABYhg(no more) LIEShand VIDEO, and SHOKEO sings. *** Twitter me : *** okeo oromanchistripperband 498/ *** m/de/album/no-more-lies/i d405156142*** *** p/artist/shokeo/id3758610 15 ***
2011-04-27 at 14:37:33
Hi Herry You must be the Harry Partch of the eletric guitar. Hard to understand for sure but non the less, as Mr. Partch, fabulous. Best wishes Ava n Arthur
2011-04-27 at 10:02:06
Hello, I really appreciate the add and thank you for your kind comment. Let's hope that the Monthly Tune project goes far! When you have time, please come back and check my page for the new monthly tune. If you like it you can also join the mailing list and receive the monthly tune update by email on my Reverbnation Website at: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ _____________ Thank you - Remi Desroques
2011-04-27 at 05:04:26
Thanks for becoming a fan. "Syeh Siti Jenar" is a great tune, too!
2011-04-27 at 01:36:12
Thanx!!! Greetings from Serbia!!!!
2011-04-26 at 22:19:16
thanks 4ur ad
2011-04-26 at 08:35:23
thanks for the support and keep rocking out god bless armour christian rock
2011-04-26 at 00:36:54
thank you for the friendship!We wish you much success with your music:)God bless
2011-04-25 at 18:31:23
Hello Herry!Thanks for the invitation and interest to my creativity. I am always glad to new, good friends.Hugs. ♥ ♥ ♥
2011-04-25 at 12:08:05
Greetings from Ukraine!
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