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Alexander Kuzmin's Song Reviews

Song Name: Sihaya
Date: 2011-04-29 04:18:57
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends

Song Name: Calcutta beat
Date: 2011-04-29 04:12:22
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends

Song Name: A secret wish
Date: 2011-04-29 04:10:30
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends


Alexander Kuzmin's Information


Jazz / Funk / Fusion

About Us:
Composer Alexander Kuzmin is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the Crimean Peninsula in a family of Jazz musicians. He first studied piano, and later mastered bass guitar and sax at the Jazz College in Kiev. Alexander has played in several competitions and Jazz Festivals, and performs with Big Bands and Funk groups, both as a band leader and a session musician. Working as a soloist, arranger and mix engineer, he participates in various music projects. Alex is a superb bassist who often fuses various genres, like Jazz, Funk, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Ethnic and Oriental music. Alexander Kuzmin has just released a stunning new album entitled

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New solo album from Alexander Kuzmin "A Secret Wish"

Dear Friends! In this new album I wanted first of all to join various kinds of music in a well-balanced way: jazz, R&B, funk, fusion, and of course ethnic and oriental music. I hope you will enjoy my music. Best regards, Alexander Kuzmin (composer, arranger, bassist) -------------------------------------------------- -------



Kuzmin -
from " A
Secret Wish
" (2011)

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Tell me yes ist just of my favorite Songs. I love the Clear Bass, the groove and the fantastic Sound. Amazing Work!!
2014-01-17 at 18:32:50
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2013-05-11 at 15:44:51
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2012-06-20 at 06:43:08
Just a short message,hope all is well. You can contact me on face book. Been in hyper drive writing.
2012-05-30 at 08:20:17
Great tunes... Thanks for sharing!Kay
2012-03-18 at 07:22:39
Hopefully we can be friends. Truly a pleasure listening to you. From a crazy old man.
2012-01-02 at 19:20:26
Greetings and best wishes for a successful year 2012!
2011-09-25 at 23:00:20
Thank you friend sucesso.
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