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Gwendolyn King's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Beautiful music, awesome voice, very assuring hope giving lyrics
Song Name: Power Of His Love
Date: 2011-11-12 10:07:47
Reviewer: TC

2.  Review: Great Message & Song Beautiful Voice
Song Name: He Lives Within
Date: 2011-10-26 17:35:44
Reviewer: TC


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Port of Spain


About Us:
Pearl Gwendolyn Miller was born in the beautiful island of Tobago on April 10th 1962 At the tender age of ten, her mother, who was a singer,discovered that Pearl has a beautiful singing voice decided to take her to sing in her church choir .Pearl was no stranger to music since she grew up around a musical family; her grandfather and uncle were both choir directors and her other grandfather was a brilliant saxophonist , At the age of eighteen , Pearl moved to Trinidad where she got married to her husband Roderick King From the year 2001 Pearl would make frequent visits to the United States and it was on one of her visits that she would realize that she has the ability to write her own songs.She is currently in the United States and has just finished recording her first album. Gwendolyn King "Star for Jesus Christ" has just been released and will be available on itunes soon. Her ambition is to spread the Gospel through her music, please pray for her that she will accomplish her goal. Thank you and God Bless.

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2011-06-02 at 00:29:43
Hi Gwendolyn, very nice music you have. If your interested in joining my fan list on Reverbnation, I'll return the love always. Lew
2011-05-30 at 21:41:42
Thanks! I really like your music!! God bless!!
2011-05-29 at 06:56:18
hey, come visit me in Brazil. together we'll play a big hug, you're beautiful.
2011-05-28 at 14:12:42
Heey Gwendolyn King :) Thank you soo much***** I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the feedback:) And thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great weekend!! Wishing you love, peace and happiness:) Stig Michael. can also right 2 me on
2011-05-26 at 06:41:45
Many blessings to you!
2011-05-25 at 04:10:48
Hi,Gwendolyn!Thank you!I'm glad to be your imradio friend. Alex
2011-05-25 at 02:29:42
Good day everyone ! Would you do me a favor, to vote for my songs on Music World Radio's chart ? It's less than a minute to do it.You may simply do it by visiting my "Blog" on my web site with its topic,"Music World Radio",posted on May 17 this year. http://www.adorenathorn.c om Best wishes, Adorena Thorn
2011-05-20 at 03:12:14
Thankyou so much for friendship and kindness Gwendolyn, Many Many Blessings to you and your Music! GodBless Joeleen xxx
2011-05-17 at 04:26:31
2011-05-13 at 15:37:07
A blessed voiced enjoyed listening God bless all you do from London UK
2011-05-11 at 05:48:55
God is GOOD!!
2011-05-11 at 02:51:53
Hello you are beautiful love your voice, thanks for visiting
2011-05-10 at 09:06:35
Keep on Praising HIM...Be Blessed
2011-05-10 at 05:26:27
Wonderful job, congratulations, your new friend from Brazil
2011-05-10 at 02:04:11
Thanks Gwendolyn!
2011-05-09 at 21:18:37
Keep lifting our Saviour up Gwendolyn!!!!
2011-05-09 at 15:43:38
Greetings from Serbia! Great stuff here! Please,listen my songs or give your friends to listen In my country not support artists and this is big cnance for me. ps.IVEZA
2011-05-09 at 05:17:53
Thanks for your kind words Gwendolyn. That is one of my wife's favorite songs too. Jesus - I pray that Gwendolyn has her dream fulfilled and that You guide her every foot step. Give her wisdom in great abundance and let her be a blessing to the world. Amen.
2011-05-08 at 09:40:20
Gwendolyn - keep doing God's work. God shines through you when you sing!! Lovely songs.
2011-05-07 at 07:32:53
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