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Maini Sorri, Sweden and John Baumann, Milan have a new band called Sorriso. Hiding Place is their first duet, a melodic beautiful pop song with touching lyrics, sang with a beautiful tenor by John and a clear and beautiful voice by Maini. Sorriso is Italian and means smile. Maini and John found each other on the global radio station Maini and John's voices blend together to produce a unique harmony. Sorriso's new single Hiding Place has already been played on radio in Sweden, Estonia, Canada and on TV6 in USA. Maini Sorri is an singer with a clear and beautiful voice from Sweden. She has composed songs since 8 years old. Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit, and this is why her songs are very genuine. Maini's songs are often played on TV6, USA and on various radio stations in Europe and America, and Maini was among Top 100 Radio Air play chart in USA september 2010 and high on charts in Europe. Maini

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Maini Sorri Is 9th For A Twentieth Week On Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Chart!

Maini Sorri is 9th place for a twentieth week on Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Chart! Vote for Maini Sorri's Let Me Do Your Time at



Maini Sorri
- Let Me Do
Your Time


Maini Sorri
- I
Have Trusted


Maini Sorri
- I Am


Maini Sorri
- Lähden


Maini Sorri
- Our River
Runs On


John Baumann
- Nostalgia
de Milan
and Giovanni


John Baumann
- Let It Be
(The Beatles


John Baumann
- Jealous
Guy (John
Lennon Cover


Maini Sorri
- Shiny Eyes

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