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1.  Review: Your putting ona show that is a delight.
Song Name: BOOM BOOM
Date: 2011-09-03 23:11:30
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1


Lori Jennerjohn's Information

Strawberry Point, IA


About Us:
Individual Artist writing my own music and producing it. I am learning with room to grow! 4sure!

Number of times viewed: 6110

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Thank you!

Thank you all for are my only ears and it makes me feel good that you like...all of you have wonderful stuff...I hardly compare. I just started working with mixing and audio for less than a year...I am learning things with help from wonderful internet friends that I have made... All my lyrics and mixes are a big part of me and my inner talent that is craving to get out! God Bless All! :)

I just got time to upload some Music!

I finely got some time to take for this wonderful website. I hope you all have fun with some of my work. Still learning all.



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Thanks Everyone!
2011-09-04 at 04:11:42
Great musi
2011-06-11 at 12:16:57
Thank U! You all a so talented...There is never a bad song...just a song misunderstood from unopened ears!
2011-06-07 at 15:37:24
Dear friend, thank you for your support. We wish you the best! Aineshana
2011-06-02 at 21:16:20
Much Love Lori, M.c. Pressure Wuz Here!!!
2011-05-17 at 23:15:40
I'd liked having these energy, sound, talent at your age. I keep on trying reaching it now, or later... All the best to you.
2011-05-04 at 04:28:52
2011-04-27 at 05:10:56
Obviously I have a lot of recording problems...working on it! :)
2011-04-25 at 01:18:23
do you want to exchange emails? mine is:
2011-04-25 at 01:16:28
great stuff! the seed!
2011-04-22 at 21:23:19
Happy Easter Everyone! Hope it is wonderful for all! :) Lori Keep Smiling! :)
2011-04-15 at 09:01:19
Hi Lori, just to let you know that your songs are already in our rotation! To check when your songs are playing, click on Login button in the top right hand corner of our site and key in your Email ID and password. Then click on Backstage. Then select the box called, Songs Schedule. That will show all your songs and their respective playing times. Please remember to also upload some photos and music videos, so your new fans can enjoy seeing them on your IMRadio profile. Hope this helps! Peace, Veronica
2011-04-12 at 04:54:20
How do I activate it in rotation? Thank you for your offer! Honored! Lori
2011-03-02 at 11:59:21
Hi, we’d like to hear some of your songs in IMRadio’s radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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