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Kahului, HI


About Us:
Immersed by their parents in the songs of the great singer/songwriters of the 70s and the experimentation of 80s bands like New Order, U2 and Echo and The Bunnymen, The Julian Day fuses the two to offer a wholly new sound for 2011 that amps it up while stripping it down. With The Julian Day you'll find good songwriting mixed with just enough instrumentation to drive the songs along. Working with the idea that art is best when nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away, The Julian Day seeks to engage the listener head-on. Spare and spartanized, these songs have just the right amount of color and texture while offering brief lessons in the game of life.

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American Pop 


Policy (Free

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The above homemade video "American Pop (the wasteland)" is a tongue-in-cheek stab at the shallowness of Pop Culture and a call to action to make a difference in a political climate fraught with arrogance and indifference. We believe popular music needs to have a deeper meaning again. By combining creative music with meaningful lyrics, we believe we are a contender to make the change. Two years ago The Julian Day created a DIY 6-song EP and it was quite well-received, even getting the attention of a record label in Ireland (Holy Grail Records). https://www.kickstarter.c om/projects/thejulianday/ 508010318?token=792d5193
2011-09-02 at 16:59:17
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2011-09-01 at 19:20:01
New video on Youtube: The People's Republik of Amerika tch?v=qpocAIScDQo
2011-08-11 at 21:52:52
Really cool music :) :) Thanks for dropping by! I wish you the best!
2011-05-18 at 21:40:06
We posted a new song, "the tide (salman rushdie version)"
2011-04-20 at 16:16:15
Hey, my pleasure to see you on featured artists wall. Congratulations and keep it up!!! Love, Calley
2011-04-18 at 04:05:06
Hello friend
2011-04-07 at 17:56:45
good stuff!!
2011-03-31 at 23:39:12
Our dear son, Paul Shamus O'Leary died late afternoon Tuesday March 29, 2011. He fought to the end but his lungs were failing due to high co2 and his heart just stopped. If you haven't seen or talked with Paul please view his last work "Ever Ending Cycle of Life (Fear of Life) & (Value of Life.)" He put his heart and soul into that song(s) and video(s). Please pray that there is something on the other side and that he is there with loved ones that have passed and that he is no longer suffering to breath. James & Patricia O'Leary (dad and mom)
2011-03-22 at 12:35:00
Add some Phil Collins and a bit of Sting to the Echo and the Bunnymen mix is definitely Policy Free...yeah.
2011-03-21 at 18:45:30
New Tracks are online, check it out
2011-02-25 at 17:19:46
hi Julian, thanks for your emails. And thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music! Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall on our home page, as you will see yourself up there soon..congrat. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician
2011-02-24 at 11:32:30
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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