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1.  Review: Nice music.
Song Name: Berlin out on a weekend
Date: 2012-04-10 00:49:00
Reviewer: Isa Conar


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Niederkruechten, NRW

Folk-Rock, Alternative,

About Us:
It all started back in the end 60s and beginning 70s when I started with my music. After playing in several bands in the Krefeld/Germany area like Neewa Rock Band, I decided to go abroad for a while and playing street music in Southern Europe, espcially in Greece, Northern Africa and Middle East. But also in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria. While travelling as a back-packer I had the chance to meet many musicians from all over the world and and improve my musical horizon. I started writing my own songs then. Of course my major influences are the folk based musicians of the sixties and seventies like Dylan, Neils Young but also Blues, Rock and Jazz music had a big impact on my song writing. I have to admit that I never got any lessons on the instruments that I play, I am an autodidact. Anyway, I'm trying to play for many yeearsbut am still a dilettante. I use to record my songs at home, I have one room just for my music. I record mainly on weekends because my profession doesn't give me much time for my passion.

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2011-04-01 at 20:49:30
Peter whats happening? Greetings from Chicago. Love the feel to your tunes keep up the great music. Anton
2011-03-31 at 23:27:45
Our dear son, Paul Shamus O'Leary died late afternoon Tuesday March 29, 2011. He fought to the end but his lungs were failing due to high co2 and his heart just stopped. If you haven't seen or talked with Paul please view his last work "Ever Ending Cycle of Life (Fear of Life) & (Value of Life.)" He put his heart and soul into that song(s) and video(s). Please pray that there is something on the other side and that he is there with loved ones that have passed and that he is no longer suffering to breath. James & Patricia O'Leary (dad and mom)
2011-03-30 at 18:37:37
Hi Peter, Soul Mate is such a beautiful tune, likewise your other tracks too, of course. Thanks so much for your friendship and invite to your music, I m feeling honored! Best wishes, Kimmy
2011-03-26 at 16:11:01
Hi Peter; Just to let you know I have herd of a sitar many times thru the years but never seen one till this week when I saw yours and there is another here on ImRadio also but when I saw the pics I wasn't sure what I was seeing. Glad to have you as a friend keep in touch.
2011-03-23 at 14:56:14
Hi Pete , enjoying your Tracks , Excellent week to you :)
2011-03-22 at 17:24:16
Hi, thank you very much for your frienship and support! Great to meet you here on IM Radio! Enjoyed listening to your tracks:) Love and best wishes! x
2011-03-22 at 01:20:12
2011-03-21 at 23:59:00
Hay friend what kind of an insterment is that on your page photo and how many strings doe's it have. I also have a strange insterment it's called a baratone tiple only one in the world that has eight strings. It plays like a twelve string guitar just missing the top four strings.
2011-03-21 at 19:59:41
Love the playing and the music...check out my sitar work on Sugar in the Raw - love to hear what a real player thinks.
2011-03-21 at 18:49:28
New Tracks are online, check it out
2011-03-16 at 21:04:08
Hi Peter , Enjoying your songs :)
2011-03-13 at 20:47:06
thanks for your support
2011-03-09 at 02:48:29
Thanks for looking in and your support. Music is the key that opens many doors.Let me know what you think of my music. Jah Bless.
2011-03-07 at 01:27:14
Thanks for the add :) I am german, but live in portugal for a long time already... if you like, check out the two new tracks I just uploaded :)
2011-03-05 at 22:37:04
Thanks for the connection Peter : )
2011-03-04 at 14:23:35
Hi Peter thanks for stopping bye . Sorry player is still down . When It's up and running I'll have a listen . Hope you'll do the same for me . I'll be putting out another song very shortly . Have a awesome weekend .
2011-03-04 at 06:11:19
thanx Peter for the connection Here @ Imradio...will Stop back when the Players are up to check out your Music...Feel free to Drop By often my friend...Peace...Frontlin e
2011-03-04 at 06:01:16
thanx Peter for the connection Here @ Imradio...will Stop back when the Players are up to check out your Music...Feel free to Drop By often my friend...Peace...Frontlin e
2011-03-03 at 23:31:23
Hi Peter Thanks for becoming a fan! Do you play out anywhere in Germany? I'll be over there this summer. I have some radio interviews set up and hoping to get some more gigs. Keep an eye out for my postings:) Have a great day!!
2011-03-03 at 22:03:47
Hey Peter, Thanks for becoming our fan! We hope that our ministry is a blessing to you. Andrew- The Gospel Starlights-
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