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1.  Review: Nice music.
Song Name: Berlin out on a weekend
Date: 2012-04-10 00:49:00
Reviewer: Isa Conar


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Niederkruechten, NRW

Folk-Rock, Alternative,

About Us:
It all started back in the end 60s and beginning 70s when I started with my music. After playing in several bands in the Krefeld/Germany area like Neewa Rock Band, I decided to go abroad for a while and playing street music in Southern Europe, espcially in Greece, Northern Africa and Middle East. But also in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria. While travelling as a back-packer I had the chance to meet many musicians from all over the world and and improve my musical horizon. I started writing my own songs then. Of course my major influences are the folk based musicians of the sixties and seventies like Dylan, Neils Young but also Blues, Rock and Jazz music had a big impact on my song writing. I have to admit that I never got any lessons on the instruments that I play, I am an autodidact. Anyway, I'm trying to play for many yeearsbut am still a dilettante. I use to record my songs at home, I have one room just for my music. I record mainly on weekends because my profession doesn't give me much time for my passion.

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2011-09-18 at 20:47:24
Hi there! Great music :) Please support our new page:) Thank you! Cheers!
2011-09-02 at 17:08:33
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2011-08-28 at 06:41:06
Greetings, Much respect and all the best to you from your friendly piano wizard ~ David
2011-07-24 at 18:13:38
So sad to see the News of Amy Winehouse, I have always Believed in Her ability, she Brought Back a Genre and Made it all all Her own...unfortunately the Devil himself Got Hold of Her and never let Go...Rest in peace Amy, rhe demons are done with you now...I Hope someone out there Learns something here today....Have an awesome new week my friends....Peace...Frontl ine
2011-07-04 at 10:31:31
Drop by to check out your sound, Cool stuff...I have uploaded 7 new trax from my upcoming release (From "Can't Relate" on down) including "Spare Me a Drink"Keep rockin and Keep the faith...Peace...Frontline
2011-06-21 at 19:51:04
Very much enjoying your music! You are a wonderful writer. I see sitar in the picture... I love that instrument. :)
2011-06-21 at 19:50:29
Very much enjoying your music! You are a wonderful writer. I see sitar in the picture... I love that instrument. :)
2011-06-01 at 15:12:23
Hey! Italian Dreams, we are living in the middle of that : D . Enjoyed listening to you..Best,Lisa
2011-05-25 at 08:42:17
Hi Peter, we have posted our first video from our new Ep our Single "Protoro" Let us know what you think! a tch?v=Gis1mKhbRdQ Peace! The Latonas
2011-05-21 at 04:19:05
Hi, how are you? I love Italian Dreams! Thank you very much for listening to me too. Peace.
2011-05-19 at 22:44:58
Thankyou so much for your Kindness! GodBless Joeleen
2011-05-14 at 04:25:08
hi peter... hast mir mal vor wochen ne nachricht geschrieben, die ich ziemlich klasse fand... dass du meinen style magst und so...vor allen dingen: den lieben gruss an "my biggest fan and her friend" hab ich selbstverständlich ausgerichtet :o) dankeschön nochmal! ...looking for a soulmate as well...
2011-05-13 at 20:24:22
Hi Peter, ... just stoppin by to wish ya a nice and rockin' weekend ahead! Thanx for sharing your music! Hugs, Kimmy
2011-05-09 at 17:37:40
Thank you for becoming a new music friend and fan! How did you hear of me? I always like to know especially when its from a different country! Thanks so much! Reen
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