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Chicago, IL


About Us:
Ishmael Muhammad was born in the winter of 1982 Southside Chicago. Growing up Ishmael was bounced from house to house shelter to shelter and struggled just to eat and stay warm in the windy city. Exposed to violence, drugs, & crime Ishmael did what he had to survive, even if that meant selling drugs and robbing people. Ishmael's only escape was his music. Through writing music and performing in the streets Ishmael was given the name Ish-Illa because he was the best at what he did amongst the people he knew. In 2001 Ish-Illa moved to Los Angeles because he wanted to be more than what he was raised in, poverty, homelessness, and crime. He thought he could do that through his music in Los Angeles. After arriving in L.A. Ish-Illa lived on Skid Row and spent his time writing music and performing it on the streets. After some time he started performing outside popular night clubs. Through doing this Ish-Illa started getting noticed by many figures in the entertainment industry, none of which gave Ish-Illa a chance. During this time Ish-Illa began dating Shinobu who would one day take him off the streets from being homeless and become his wife. Ish-Illa was eventually discovered by Rich Glorious who was business partners with Ice-T. Ish-Illa was then signed to their entertainment company. Ish-Illa though he was finally on his way to success and had left Chicago in his past for good. Over time Ice-T's company was never able to secure a record deal for Ish-Illa and it was back to the streets for Ish-Illa. Somehow Chicago had found Ish-Illa again. He began robbing people and trying to hustle his way out of the streets. Over time all this caught up with him and landed him in jail. From 2003 to 2005 Ish-Illa's time was spent between jail and the streets. Being in the streets and in jail was beginning to wear Ish-Illa down and he was getting tired. In 2005 Ish-Illa turned his life over to CHRIST, now realizing this was the path God had chosen for him in preparation for his future. Today Ish-Illa lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife Shinobu Muhammad and togather they started "THE L.O.G. HOUSE FOUNDATION which he has a homeless ministry under, for the past 5 years, 4 times a week, Ish-Illa and his wife feeds clothes and ministers to many of those who has had a difficult life as he had. Ish-Illa is the founder of Brand New Era Inc., and has just finished his first major album release "STRONGER THAN BEFORE" which is considered a inspiring gospel masterpeice. Which is IN STORES NOW. You can checkout samples and more of his music on and or

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