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1.  Review: Nice song!!! good feel to it, nice work!
Song Name: Something else
Date: 2012-09-07 16:21:26
Reviewer: SweetKenny

2.  Review: GOD'S MACHINE is Groovin. Nice guitar & harmonica work
Song Name: Gods machine
Date: 2011-10-28 15:07:32
Reviewer: TC

Song Name: Psalm 137 with Joelle Peter
Date: 2011-07-24 13:20:05
Reviewer: UR2


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Something else

About Us:
III is II, for the time being. Song writing and composing. Unpublished registered. I have nothing to sell, but my songs to share. There are a dozen and half posted here. If you like them, I'd be happy. If you play them, I'd be pleased and honoured. Living in Paris, France Look at the video "little song". It's very ... different.

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(The key to) "Little (square) song"

You can have a look at the vid "Little (square) Song" whose lyrics you'll find on page 2 of my pics. Must be enlarged to be read properly. Start reading it once in columns from top left, then a second time in lines, from top left too.



Little Song 

Flowh Calendar


2011-03-13 at 21:37:08
Great tunes!
2011-03-13 at 21:22:21
Greetings, III; Thanks for becoming a Fan of the "BlooZHoundZ!!! I can't wait to check out Your Music !!! Our Best to You in this Crazy Madness called the Music Business !!!Wild Bil McCombe
2011-03-13 at 20:54:33
thanks for becoming a fan i do appreciate it
2011-03-13 at 03:46:36
Merci beaucoup pour le compliment et bonne continuation à vous aussi, bye ;p
2011-03-13 at 02:21:44
Cool to hook up..Nice playing and good voc.Cool tunes..Ron
2011-03-12 at 20:16:26
Thank you for adding me as friend/fan have a nice day/ db
2011-03-09 at 21:33:34
Hello III. How are you? Kind regards from PL. Isa
2011-03-09 at 17:02:23
Thanks for becoming a fan, like your stuff keep up the good work. erazamus
2011-03-09 at 02:36:17
Thanks for looking in and your support. Music is the key that opens many doors.Let me know what you think of my music. Jah Bless.
2011-03-05 at 19:34:34
thxs for the add,have a super weekend adios mario
2011-03-03 at 20:17:12
My music makes you happy?!! That was a real compliment, my friend!!! Only I'm not able to act accordingly since I can't listen to yours -at least not here, because as I read: "Profile Player Being Repaired (Coming Back VERY Soon)". If there's any other way, please let me know... BE ALWAYS HAPPY!..
2011-03-03 at 11:43:34
Thank you for looking us up and lsitening to our tunes, we certainly appreciate other Muso's opinions and thanks for friending us. Your music is pretty chilled as well as the video too!! Peace... The Latonas
2011-03-03 at 09:55:07
if the Player is temporarily broken go to our Reverbnation has 3 tunes on there. http://www.reverbnation.c om/bristolkids
2011-03-03 at 00:16:00
Hi! Thanks a lot...! Perceive
2011-03-02 at 20:59:55
Salut l'ami. Merci de faire un tour chez-moi. Le Var c'est à côté. Bonne journée
2011-03-02 at 09:02:32
2011-03-02 at 08:44:59
Thanks Jean 4 becoming a fan of mines & checking out my music...I luv your work also...Keep making it do what it do...Vote 4 me to be the next artist signed @ /trixx repeatedly...Greenupp...T rixx ind ixx reentownrecords xx
2011-03-02 at 07:01:48
Thanx a lot. Best wishes!
2011-03-02 at 03:01:08
Hello! my brothers & sisters,you guys have some beautiful harmonies and melodies,much success sincerely,Emmett North Jr.
2011-03-01 at 18:57:41
Thanks for joining!
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