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III's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Nice song!!! good feel to it, nice work!
Song Name: Something else
Date: 2012-09-07 16:21:26
Reviewer: SweetKenny

2.  Review: GOD'S MACHINE is Groovin. Nice guitar & harmonica work
Song Name: Gods machine
Date: 2011-10-28 15:07:32
Reviewer: TC

Song Name: Psalm 137 with Joelle Peter
Date: 2011-07-24 13:20:05
Reviewer: UR2


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Something else

About Us:
III is II, for the time being. Song writing and composing. Unpublished registered. I have nothing to sell, but my songs to share. There are a dozen and half posted here. If you like them, I'd be happy. If you play them, I'd be pleased and honoured. Living in Paris, France Look at the video "little song". It's very ... different.

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(The key to) "Little (square) song"

You can have a look at the vid "Little (square) Song" whose lyrics you'll find on page 2 of my pics. Must be enlarged to be read properly. Start reading it once in columns from top left, then a second time in lines, from top left too.



Little Song 

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2012-09-09 at 10:49:59
Thanks for stopping by SweetKenny and checking out the tunes! God Bless!! Kenny
2012-09-07 at 21:22:14
I like your music, very nice God Bless!! Kenny
2012-07-16 at 19:09:18
2012-07-16 at 19:09:04
2012-06-27 at 23:15:21
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2012-05-22 at 14:05:01
Thanks for the friendship!
2012-03-22 at 15:06:42
Bonjour,thanks for your friendship like your songs
2012-02-29 at 18:17:25
Hi Thanks for being s friend - nice sounds!!
2012-02-20 at 07:04:43
beautiful sounds and great productions you are very talented
2012-02-16 at 16:53:30
Hi, there! really good your tunes!! Cheers, Ll.
2012-02-15 at 16:37:03
Thanks ....greetings from Tokyo... :-)
2012-01-26 at 03:03:13
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2012-01-19 at 01:11:54
Happy New Year of blissful music to you all. ~melinda
2012-01-06 at 03:16:05
Just checking back to hear some of your music, You sound still moves me!!!!
2012-01-02 at 22:13:24
Nice tunes. :) Happy new year!
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