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1.  Review: Great song.
Song Name: Preacher man
Date: 2012-10-03 12:06:42
Reviewer: Isa Conar

2.  Review: Awesome music! Love it.
Song Name: Spare Me a Drink
Date: 2012-07-01 07:23:34
Reviewer: Isa Conar

3.  Review: Reminds me of a classic Bruce Springsteen song... That is new.
Song Name: Another Day
Date: 2011-08-07 11:12:21
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1


Frontline's Information

Coplay, PA

R&B/Blues/ Rock

About Us:
Frontline is a musician of timeless measures. His music is the kind that can last forever.If ever there was an Artist who wrote from the realm of reality, it would most Definitely be Frontline. Pushing issues of real life and relationships and forcing the Listener to think, some write for fame and Popularity,Frontline writes for all time. He can be heard on Local and College radio stations and has a Strong following in Pa, NJ, NY,& CT areas!...Also as well, on Social Media Outlets Like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Internet radio stations in the US and Europe. Often a Featured Artist He was asked on a recent interview "People always ask how I come up with the topics for my music, I always tell them...those are the issues that empower my soul....I see injustice and I speak out to the world about them, the best way I know how...through song". . DigStation - Indie Music Downloads

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the Fascist

I went to Nazareth today...and entered the factory of the Great "Martin Guitar" of the stops I made was the there you can see the History behind the making of the it surged during economic Highs and its Mear survival during also showed how the Dreadnaught came about and took control as the top instrument during the Depression and folk music was the vehicle...protest songs became its I came upon the Great Woody Guthrie...I caught a caption...that Woody Had engraved on His Guitar "this machine Kills the Fascist"...and yes...this machine was the vehicle for social issues...and those who followed...Pete Seeger...Bob Dylan...Joan Baez...Neil Young and many more...spoke the truth about social Discontent while using this Machine...we must continue to write for truth and far less for is our Duty....and the fascist are Back!....this ones for "Woody".


Flowh Calendar


2009-12-12 at 20:45:09
Hope yr havin a fine weekend...Happy holidays & all the best in the new year comin around the corner.
2009-12-10 at 19:24:13
Hi Frontline. How are you my dear Friend? Hugs, Iza.
2009-12-07 at 19:58:30
thanx 4 the cool comment F..really like ur tunes 2..cole.
2009-12-07 at 18:03:19
Greetings! Yes all is well with us, we hope the same for you. Oh yes! they constitute the best gift ever! :) Honored to have you on IMRadio. Keep smiling and do wonders. Peace, Veronica
2009-12-07 at 17:54:40
Thanks for the beautiful wishes!! Wishing the same for you!! Sunny Days, smiles and blessings coming on your way!! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-12-07 at 17:47:41
Ya thanks hope the same for life at your end too. Keep up with great work! Keep it rockin'! Wishing you a really inspired and awesome week! Hugs, Diana
2009-12-07 at 17:06:07
Greetings Frontline Thx 4 you support Have a great monday
2009-12-07 at 11:46:53 careful with that axe, best witches: der Klaus
2009-12-07 at 04:41:43
Thank you!
2009-12-07 at 04:04:48
Hey there. Thanks. Nice wall of sound you got going on.
2009-12-07 at 02:44:15
Thanks man. Hope you're doing well yourself :)
2009-12-07 at 02:43:32
Thank you for your lovely message I am enjoying your music love n light to you and yours Pattyx
2009-12-02 at 20:50:59
cool guitar sounds F..enjoyable..chek me out if u got time..cole
2009-11-28 at 19:41:45
Have a nice weekend, Frontline! Hugs and kisses, Louise :):):)
2009-11-20 at 19:21:20
Hi. Thanks so much for being a fan. One of my favorite songs is "Black Magic" -- the original song, so I was curious to hear your song. I like it, and your heart and consciousness as a songwriter. Send me your email address to feature you on Creator's Parrot blog talk radio channel featuring indie artists in 2010. My email is Hug to you. Valerie
2009-11-11 at 19:35:22
Awesome Music!! Keep up with your work! Hugs, Diana
2009-11-07 at 08:41:41
2009-11-07 at 00:14:47
2009-11-06 at 04:09:36
Hi Frontline...a beautiful weekend is my wish for you! Louise :):):)
2009-11-03 at 18:22:44
Hey thanks for the beautiful wishes!! :) Have a great and blessed week!! Cheers, Jasmine
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