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Hello there, I just want to share what I've recorded and hopefully get a band started or a music deal. Cheers and CORONAS 4 all. ht10 0

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Hail The
Dead [Nov


Why I love
Heavy Metal


When the
Dead call us

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2009-09-05 at 23:42:12
Future Now thanks you for your great music; and for being a part of the ever growing creative community of independent musicians who are taking the opportunity, made possible by IMRadio, to reach 52 countries throughout the world.
2009-06-28 at 17:50:16
hi, your song, Why I Love Heavy Metal, is a good one! Nice work! peace
2009-06-26 at 02:20:26
Hi Guitarknight, thanks for your very sweet comment! Keep up the love for heavy metal. I tried to watch your videos but for some reason I could not. I will try again later! Have a nice day! Louise
2009-06-25 at 00:47:30
Hi, nice to meet you! Louise
2009-05-29 at 07:58:49
Thanks for your friendship. I wish you all the very best with your great talents! Have a wonderful day! :)
2009-05-14 at 17:45:03
Hi there! Love your stuff! I am an artist, please stop by my profile and check out the video of my artwork. Everything is for sale to benefit The Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research. Please let me know what you think! My artwork is set to the music of my dear friend James Marshall Black, check out his page, he is awesome! Peace, Kimmi
2009-05-08 at 04:26:06
Hey dude thanks for stopping by, yes 'Heart' is my tribute to Dime. Check out the video to the song done by my friend Kimmi Ramone. It is awesome and has gotten a bunch of hits on MySpace and YouTube. I have it posted on here to so give it a peep. Cheers The POG
2009-05-08 at 00:29:48
Hey! Love your stuff! Stop by and check out mine!! Peace The POG
2009-03-25 at 15:41:30
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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