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Matthew Meadows's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Really nice gutar tone & haunting melody.
Song Name: Circles
Date: 2011-05-03 20:35:22
Reviewer: Auriemma

2.  Review: One of the best tunes I've heard in decades.
Song Name: The Turk
Date: 2011-05-03 20:34:42
Reviewer: Auriemma

3.  Review: Epic originality.
Song Name: Gravity
Date: 2011-05-03 20:34:09
Reviewer: Auriemma


Matthew Meadows's Information

Kenmore, WA


About Us:
Matthew Meadows is a guitarist, singer & songwriter living just outside of Seattle, WA. His music is a blend of psychedelic metal and jazz-inflected folk influenced by 10 years on stage as a classical ballet dancer 7 days after Etherati was released to the web he was ranked #10 on the ReverbNation Seattle Alternative list. After two weeks he was at #5 and still moving up faster than 99% of all Alternative artists in the world. Etherati will be available through all major online music retailers in February, 2011.

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The Turk -


The Turk 




Tequila Haze 

Flowh Calendar


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2011-05-29 at 06:51:10
congratulations on your fine work, your new friend from Brazil.
2011-05-04 at 06:35:45
Right on bro \m/
2011-04-01 at 02:23:41
The mistress, everyone should have one just kidding only some people should.good to hear your music,have a great weekend
2011-02-28 at 00:39:54
Greetings from Ukraine! Cool tracks, can feel the groove. Nice)) If you have time, check us out and leave a comment, plz! Thank you. Happy to meet you here! Stay in touch.
2011-02-26 at 22:36:56
Really astonishing ! I like it !
2011-01-25 at 02:28:24
Hi! Hear their songs and I really enjoyed your work! Strength and faith in your journey! A big hug and success always! Rob Ruas
2010-12-30 at 03:39:15
Nice to meet you. "The Mistress." Cool Track! I see you're working on a 2011 release. If you are looking for any original material to cover, please take a look at our stuff (starting with "When Will You Be Free" and "Wet of the Night" [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]). We would be honored to have you cover them in your great style. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-12-24 at 10:44:42
Great work!
2010-12-21 at 21:15:59
Nice Tunage, like wot im hearin here!! Peace!! Adam-Son ;-)
2010-12-20 at 18:45:50
Hey buddy I am glad you stopped by ,and I appreciate your friendship.You got some rockin tunes.I really like that Les Paul you got there! I have a 69 version. Woody
2010-12-20 at 11:32:23
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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