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1.  Review: Cool Bass Line with awesome effects and nice musican ideas
Song Name: A Sick Mind
Date: 2012-09-09 02:57:58
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends

2.  Review: ...I do love that sound, feels like a summer-breeze!
Song Name: Body of a Cell
Date: 2012-05-28 10:03:39
Reviewer: Klaus Kemal Koenig

3.  Review: I love it, the song grooves.Cool Effects and nice sounds.
Song Name: Again 2
Date: 2012-03-20 01:50:21
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends


ProgRockDan1's Information

Carmel, IN


About Us:
I am a composer/songwriter. I use Cubase. I am interested in collaborating with vocalists and other musicians.

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Seven Ate




It Sucks
Sucks Sucks

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2011-02-01 at 01:50:08
Hi Dan Thank you for that great message! God has truly blessed you with a great Talent! Gary Morgan The Hallmark Quartet
2011-01-30 at 08:51:39
I'm Strolling With Ironman in my sleep,Thanks, Great.
2011-01-29 at 09:40:33
Amazing..Amazing Art work..WOW! and the music to go with it...Awesome!
2011-01-25 at 02:21:55
Hi! Hear their songs and I really enjoyed your work! Strength and faith in your journey! A big hug and success always! Rob Ruas
2011-01-24 at 23:34:17
Thanks so much, I really enjoy your music, too! Have an amazing time, hugs, Kimmy
2011-01-20 at 11:18:19
Nice tunes!
2011-01-13 at 14:31:12
Thx, calms down with your music and no more curse:)
2011-01-11 at 21:53:38
i love your style.. kiss xoxo Donna
2010-12-30 at 04:01:33
May 2011 be the year that all of your creative musical dreams start coming true. Wishing you a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year. Paul.
2010-12-30 at 04:01:26
Two sides of musical and literal mortality. "Always in conflict, I am never in balance, I have the fear of life - the value of life, ever ending cycle of life." If you've ever gained strength from living life in the shadows, then check out our new multi genre videos "Ever Ending Cycle Of Life..." (the Fear of Life) & (the Value of Life). Let us know what you think of them [be kind]. Thanks, Paul.
2010-12-30 at 04:01:13
"On the Edge of a New Frontier." What a Beautiful Song. Great Sound & Style. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-12-27 at 01:27:47
find out our new album "out of stock" at -> am.htm
2010-12-27 at 01:25:48
Hi Dan! except for Fisell, I don't know about the others but hey man, thank you for your support! cheers enrique
2010-12-24 at 02:15:49
Thanks for your friendship and comment. Great music at your site! Best wishes from Buenos Aires!
2010-12-15 at 12:19:23
He ya friend, congratulations and wish you success in whatever you do! Glad to see you as featured artist on IMRadio. Love and Blessings!! Calley
2010-12-14 at 18:17:59
hi i loved your music hug from Brazil
2010-12-12 at 06:00:55
Thanks for the great feedback & review on our music 'Split Second'... you really blessed us & touched our hearts with your great review. We love your music as well... and are cheering you on in all you do. Stay in touch & God bless you now & always.
2010-12-08 at 18:58:32
Hi Dan, yes we can make common a song, nice idea. You can contact me under I have Time at 2010.12.23 - 04.January 2011. Let us to change E-Mail. Have a nice day my Bro...Rainer
2010-12-08 at 12:32:21
Calley wishes you love and luck!! Congratulations for being featured on IMRadio.
2010-12-07 at 12:58:28
Hey Dan, thank you for your kind words to the great march & the battle. Your Airborn Ranger is a funny Song with cool effects and that is original handmade!!!!
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