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1.  Review: Great song! Love the vibe and the harmonies!
Song Name: Take Me Away
Date: 2011-10-03 20:37:29
Reviewer: Stephen James Bach

Song Name: Take Me Away
Date: 2011-09-20 12:58:14
Reviewer: Melsi Collaborations!


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Chicago, IL

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la 91 fm in Chile adds Tom Fuller Band!

Great news! The radio station la 91 fm based in Chile just added Doin Nothin to their playlist! You can listen in to their station at:

Doin' Nothin' added to Love Underground Visionary Revolution Radio!

The Tom Fuller Band song Doin' Nothin' has been added to the playlist at LOVE UNDERGROUND VISIONARY REVOLUTION Radio! Check them out here:

New video of TFB playing the song "Morphine Maureen"

Check out the new video of TFB playing the song "Morphine Maureen" at Schubas Chicago!

Happy Holidays from Tom Fuller Band!

We wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays from Tom Fuller Band. Enjoy the video we made for you!!

Tom Fuller Live!

Friday, December 17 Goose Island Wrigleyville 9 PM 3535 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60657-1611 (773) 832-9040


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2011-07-06 at 15:38:55
Good Alt sounds! Smooth and catchy.
2011-07-05 at 21:58:20
Hey! Tom..Great sounds you have here..Thx for Rockin' with Red Hush.
2011-07-05 at 20:07:58
love your tracks
2011-06-22 at 04:46:58
Thanks Tom!
2011-06-18 at 03:22:38
New blog from Tom Fuller Band about the UK and more posted! otes/tom-fuller-band/blog -6-15-11/1015020533169787 6
2011-06-14 at 19:26:17 ote.php?note_id=101501806 66462876
2011-06-09 at 00:02:11
Check out the new video of Tom Fuller Band performing the song "Red Horse Saloon" at HOB Chicago! tch?v=cz9NM5ctFVY&feature =channel_video_title
2011-06-07 at 01:42:25
New blog posted about the UK, US and House of Blues Chicago 5-27 show! ote.php?created&¬e_id= 10150195760262876&id=1933 91942524
2011-05-30 at 22:08:37
Check out the Tom Fuller Band in studio performance of "Ask" on Eagle 96.7! tch?v=-Bqo87o6cFk&feature =channel_video_title
2011-05-26 at 21:46:17
We posted up a video of us playing the song "Coffee Pot" live opening for Robin Trower! You can see it here: tch?v=FKjEm0Sq7hI
2011-05-26 at 18:20:33
Check out the new TFB pics of the live gigs opening for Robin Trower! edia/set/?set=a.101501882 01217525.302894.193391942 524&saved
2011-05-25 at 00:27:40
TUESDAY 5-24-11 Thoughts from the Sunday show at The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, Wis. A great night. Even though all those storms were cruising through the Midwest, John and I performed before a sold out crowd in Milwaukee last Sunday night. The Pabst Theater is one of those old theaters built before or after, the turn of the century. They are magnificent examples of architecture and aren’t built anymore. The acoustics of these theaters is amazing and it’s truly an honor to perform in them. Someday, I would love to do a tour and all the venues are these grand ladies. Before the show, I walked up to the mezzanine and the gallery. The nose bleed seats. I always get kind of dizzy up there, but I just had to experience it. During the show, I made a point of saying hey to all those sitting up there. I think they enjoyed being recognized.:) We performed 8 or 9 tunes, and the audience got into it. Thank you Milwaukee, catch you on the flip side. House of Blues, Chicago, this Friday night. See you then!
2011-05-21 at 04:20:10
Yesterday was a blast!!!!!!!!! My lead guitarist John Lewis and I did a radio show with Brizz, the afternoon DJ/program director at 96.7 The Eagle, in Rockford, IL. Great people, great station, great city! Go Rockford!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out online. Honestly think it was one my better live on-air radio performances when we did the title tune of my soon-to-be released CD "ASK." I swear all radio stations are like the North Pole, because they keep the temperature low because of the electronics. Then we headed north to Madison, WI, to open for Robin Trower. Was really good to see Robin and his crew again. Introduced John to Robin. John met a legend in his words.:) Yeah. For me, I was happy to see Laurie Brace again, Robin's right hand man. Good guy. Was a fun night, certain we made a lot of new friends. Especially Lauren and Larry! Hope to see you at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee Sunday and the House of Blues next Friday in Chicago. All the other people I met..........thanks for coming out and glad you enjoyed the show!!! Off to Milwaukee on Sunday to do it again. The Pabst Theater will be awesome and of course, we'll do our best. I love Milwaukee. Milwaukee will love us again too. Peter from Shank Hall: thanks for the directions man! Saved us a ton of time. Its all good.
2011-05-20 at 02:52:50
Killer rock rehearsal this week. Our new band mate Ryan, has been such a great addition to the band. We are going to another level Big day today: on air at 96.7 The Eagle in Rockford, IL at 3/PM Tune in if you can. Will be doing a live tune with my bud John Lewis. Then we head north to do an acoustic show opening for Robin Trower in Madison, WI. Should be a fun day and night. Hoping to see old and new friends. Its always a feel good for me and I get really inspired by a smile or two. Went to a Cubs game last week. Of course they lost to St Louis. However, while I was watching St Louis sluggers hit balls out of the park during batting practice, I heard someone yell, "Hey Tom". Of course I thought it wasn't me they were calling, but turned around to see anyway. There was this couple standing and waving at me! Clueless who they were, this voice yells," saw you at Viper Alley last week, killer show man"! Loved it, and went over to their section to shake hands. Made my night. I so love touching others with the tunes. Had a similar thing happen with a tow truck guy, cause the jeep got locked while running. And of course, was after a show and we were dragging and cant get into the jeep to go home. Talk about feeling like a goof. But when the tow guy says, :I know you from somewhere and then he mentions a show we played................... ..:) Glad the jeep locked us out that night. I got to shake hands with a new fan. Cool..:) Sunday night show in Milwaukee with Robin at the Pabst Theater. That will be a fun night too. These old theaters all over the country have wonderful acoustics. John and I will enjoy it much. Graphics are finished for new album, which will be called ASK. OMG..............its coming alive now, in a very cool way. Stay tuned, ditto for new EPK. Hope all you rockers out there are smiling often and making it happen. Its all good. TFB
2011-05-13 at 03:37:18
Check out these great pics of Tom Fuller Band opening for Soul Asylum at Viper Alley! edia/set/?set=a.101501768 76257525.299975.193391942 524
2011-05-03 at 04:05:11 Presents Tom Fuller Band - Unplugged!! Acoustic Set Friday June 17th - 9 PM Goose Island Wrigleyville 3535 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 832-9040 oose-island-wrigleyville/
2011-05-03 at 00:51:46
New photos of Tom Fuller Band playing LIVE opening for Soul Asylum posted! k
2011-04-24 at 20:14:12
Hey everyone, Please vote for Tom Fuller Band to win a chance to perform at the 2011 CMA Music Festival in June! Voting will only take a moment of your time. You can vote at this link: http://tuneup4copd.cmawor
2010-11-02 at 11:24:08
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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