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1.  Review: Good Track! Paul.
Song Name: When I was 3
Date: 2010-11-12 23:17:41
Reviewer: Davies Dawn -- Future Now

2.  Review: It is very original work!
Song Name: When I was 3
Date: 2010-11-12 04:17:34
Reviewer: Isa Conar


Roy Schwedt's Information

Franklinville, NY


About Us:
Bio See More Just a strange bird. been jamming since I was 10. Just started serious recording via a tascam portastudio, 8 tracks. Use a drum machine, wish it had more personality, but then again, people say that about me

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new tune

New tune: " Monday Morning rambling"


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Hello Roy! Thank you for your friendship and great music. A lot of joy. With love, Zhanna.
2012-05-29 at 10:50:13
Just stopped by to have a listen, great tunes... ROCK on! Kay :)
2011-10-08 at 20:58:31
Hey, thanks for networking - hope you enjoy my music! Just released new album "Trinity" - please you'll check it out & let me know what you think. BTW, I nice job with your track "Soon the End Will Come"!
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2011-06-09 at 11:44:32
Hello Roy, I am new on IMRadio. I have added a song called "Tired Of Just Talking" with a Jazz flavor to my page. When you have a spare moment take a listen. God bless you, George Michael Dile
2011-04-05 at 07:06:34
Hey guys, Ouzo the band new Chill out CD "Psychedelic Autumn" is out now! Available on Cdbaby: ouzotheband6 and i-tunes: s/album/psychedelic-autum n/id418378181............ ... Spread the word ...if you may! Cheers :))
2010-12-26 at 00:35:12
Happy Xmas "Do go here and help a most worthy cause (30 day deadline): projects/778-make-domina- catrina-lee-s-songs-from- the-breastbone-drum-album -into-a-real-cd Not only good karmic brownie points with Allah (or The Big Bang, your preference), but tons of great tangible rewards too. Go check it out." I will NEED YOUR HELP in both promoting this PROJECT (URGENT!) and also yourself, placing your hard earned dollar where your good intentions are - and find a pledge level that you are comfortable with, and pledge and receive a good, tangible reward for your kind exchange! Also you will get the feeling of accomplishment and purpose when you help another to give you something of value, when you help someone realise hir dream of giving to the upliftment of humanity. Thank you for your generosity and kindness!
2010-12-25 at 23:41:34
Hi Roy, thanks so much, I feel honored! Wish you Merry Christmas and a successful Happy New Year 2011! Hugs, Kimmy
2010-12-24 at 22:40:33
Merry Christmas Roy. Thanks for the reviews. Since they haved changed this player, I can't seem to figure out how comment on your Tunz. Have a Happy! Zak
2010-12-03 at 03:48:00
Thanks for your reviews....great to see you here!
2010-12-02 at 09:11:23
I was 91B20 (Medic) during Nam. Not Airborne nor a Ranger. Just honoring those who were (are).
2010-12-01 at 23:25:34
Cheers Roy! keep on rocking! :) ouzo the band xx
2010-11-29 at 18:44:02
Wish 2 interview U & play yer songs on our NetWork Radio ~ Join Here & Contact our show producer Allen Cox ASAP 4 our Christmas Shows ~ http://alienfingerz.ning. com/
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