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Song Name: Think of Me
Date: 2011-05-22 12:09:44


Rene (Reen) Sims's Information

Yukon, OK


About Us:
Rene (Reen) Sims "The Cowgirl That Sings" Her name being Irish and not French seems to be hard to pronounce for many.It

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Featured Artist!

I was just informed that I will be a featured Artist here on IMradio. Thank you so very much! Keep listening and enjoying home grown music!!! Reen


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2016-09-06 at 17:00:53
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2012-12-23 at 16:43:58
Merry xmas you are a sweatheart. Hope all is well. Bishop
2012-07-18 at 19:38:52
Rene (Reen) Sims, I found you on someone who came to my music page and left a message. I clicked on your page. Good stuff (great talent) as I really like the ones with guitar up front. Please come listen to my music too sometime and comment. Im new to imradio and have only one friend and I think I really need a few more:-) God bless, Nikki Hornsby
2012-06-30 at 03:27:23
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2012-05-07 at 03:14:13
You do that very well! That makes me feel good. I meant it! I have lots of new songs added, much more electric. Really enjoy you
2012-04-11 at 16:13:06
Thank you! You made me smile! Reen
2012-03-25 at 12:13:09
Sweetie, I am totally in love with your spirit. I hope your man has a clue how lucky he is. IF not he needs to be kicked to the curb. You define soul!!
2012-03-23 at 12:32:08
You have the voice of an angel. Always willing to share. You are one of my all time favorites. You are beyond exceptional. May God rain down his blessings on you and keep you safe for all time. Bishop
2011-09-02 at 22:09:27
Merci de nous rejoindre sur UNITED ARTISTS FOR FLORENCE de soutien artistique pour Florence cassez injustement emprisonnée depuis le 8 décembre 2005 au Mexique.Nous avons besoin de tous !Florence compte sur vous.UAFFC
2011-08-29 at 03:24:51
Thank you!!
2011-08-28 at 06:42:02
Beautiful, simply Beautiful Greetings & all the very best to you from your friendly piano wizard ~ David
2011-05-23 at 03:12:05
Thank you for listening and enjoying my music!
2011-05-14 at 17:58:47
Wow Wow great vocals feel it all the way to my soul thanks Mac Walters
2011-05-09 at 13:03:19
Very nice music and a beautiful voice! I love your music. Pls. drop by at my site and give a listen to my music too. Best greetings from Germany, Peter
2011-05-09 at 13:00:10
Very nice music and a beautiful voice! I love your music. Pls. drop by at my site and give a listen to my music too. Best greetings from Germany, Peter
2011-04-09 at 09:02:58
Thank you so much for featuring me! I will look forward to telling my friends and fans!!! Thank you for your supoport of my music and ,Indie Artists! My Best! Ears up Hit me up! Reen
2011-04-09 at 08:25:55
hi Rene, thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music. Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall, on our home page, as you will see yourself up there soon…congratulations. Have a wonderful weekend! Peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician
2011-04-01 at 01:49:23
Hi Rene; Thanks for the come back Friend. I love your song think of me. Nice sound. GOD BLESS
2010-11-01 at 01:11:20
Great songs Rene! Thanks for keeping it Country! Musically yours, Sara Lynn Wallin
2010-10-07 at 11:26:48
Hi, we’d like to hear some of your songs in IMRadio’s radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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