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electro, experimental, live-music

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2009-09-23 at 09:31:39
VON INNERWELTEN is now available at iTunes Store, Musicload, Napster, AOL, Amazon and many other MP3 stores... Greetings
2009-06-21 at 22:01:46
Free mastering (one song)
2009-06-16 at 05:08:14
Hi my friend. Hou are you? Please have a look at the Featured Artist Showcase on the Home Page, with Louise du Toit, co-composer and singer of our new group "AINESHANA". Wishing you a great week!!!
2009-06-16 at 01:44:58
Hi danke fürs Fan und Freunde sein Bruder!!!JoJo Wiese
2009-06-06 at 18:43:45
Kohlensaeure Best wishes to you and hope for your ship of dreams to come in. "They Slew the Dreamer but the dream lives on." copyright sony milene music/jongleur music NEW! Net News Daily Post "MLK - They Slew the Dreamer" movie presentation.
2009-06-04 at 18:13:22
Hi Kohlensaeure. Wish you all the best with your music. Very nice!!! Nikos
2009-05-24 at 23:11:52
Hi my friend, wishing you a great week! Love, peace, happiness Louise
2009-05-20 at 11:40:36
2009-05-19 at 02:33:02
kohlensaeure: nice to meet you. Keep in touch, El Dúo
2009-05-13 at 06:30:40
Excellent music. Not much else one can say. Play on, ApB
2009-05-11 at 15:07:22
Hello Mattes- YES, one man projects RULE!! Carry On my friend!! Martin- Idjit Savant
2009-05-10 at 04:57:44
Great dance floor groovin' tunes! Thank you! Kisses, Kim
2009-05-06 at 21:35:44
Thanks KOHLENSAEURE Big sound here Amitiés
2009-05-06 at 16:10:35
Thank you very much my friend , i hope all the best to you, take good care, Thanos.
2009-04-08 at 23:37:32
Hey man...I'm dancin' !!!! Allen
2009-03-20 at 15:03:16
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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