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1.  Review: Nice song, great voice Melinda.
Song Name: Friends Forever
Date: 2012-12-16 09:15:24
Reviewer: Isa Conar

Song Name: Circle
Date: 2012-01-19 01:40:46
Reviewer: hofsteen and friends

Song Name: Through All Of This
Date: 2010-11-19 12:55:22
Reviewer: Fact


melinda's Information

Clinton, IA

Instrumental, piano,classicalrock

About Us:
"You"are the instrument for this world and people. Be some part of the goodness.. and pass it on.:-)~~ ~Have a beautiful day!

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Thank You

Thank you to IMRADIO,paddy and all, for allowing me the honor of being able to share my music,and along with so many fantastic artists. I have heard so many talented people here.It is a superb gathering of musically diverse people and music. Thanks again IMRadio!! As for my music here... Some of the music is sound track recordings in the studio or four track,some off my CD's or some beautifully natural "Before" technology. I leave you with them as is, for the beauty within them. All are from my heart. I hope you enjoy.Thank you for visiting. Peace, melinda



For Peace
and Love

Flowh Calendar


2013-01-24 at 17:34:42
Circle is a very nice song...full of feelings and emotions. Great Work!
2013-01-24 at 17:31:45
Hey Melinda, thank you for your friendly words. Last year was a bad year for me. I havenīt a heart Attack and two heart OP. Now..i am OK ...make music and have fun. I wish you this year joy,luck and love. Rainer
2013-01-24 at 16:14:56
love it! love it! tune in and show some love by signing our guest book
2013-01-24 at 14:18:30
Hello Melinda and thanks for stopping in. I wish you the best and have a great day Dave
2013-01-24 at 13:23:44
Peace and Love is what really matters ...
2012-10-10 at 01:05:00
2012-05-12 at 21:02:15
nice sound Melinda.......
2012-04-20 at 08:11:29
Hey Melinda, thanks for the support. Cheers from this end of the world!
2012-02-04 at 20:52:28
Melinda, have you page on reverbnation, facebook, twitter? Let me know!
2012-01-30 at 21:21:44
Thanks Dear Melinda. All the best in 2012 to you. Isa
2012-01-24 at 22:52:24
Dear friend, thank you for your wish! We wish you all the best for 2012! Aineshana
2012-01-19 at 07:39:10
Hello Melinda, thank you for your shout. Yes, i think we become a good year and the Maya Calender is not right..ha ha.. i wish you many new songs and that you are well! Rainer
2012-01-19 at 06:52:17
Thank you,dear melinda for the good wishes! Much joy and love!Zhanna.
2012-01-19 at 03:49:19
thanks for the message, I hope you have a great weekend
2011-10-29 at 15:05:42
Hi Melinda. How are you?
2011-10-08 at 20:44:58
Hey, thanks for networking - hope you enjoy my music! Just released new album "Trinity" - please you'll check it out & let me know what you think. BTW, am liking the piano in a few of your tracks!
2011-10-03 at 15:22:52
thank you so much Melinda,have a beautiful day,Tree
2011-10-03 at 15:16:24
2011-09-27 at 12:12:21
Hey...sounds good in here. Sweet voice
2011-09-18 at 08:18:52
Hello Melinda ! "Hello !" to you too. Hope you had a wonderful sommer, and wish you all the best from Paris. Jean
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